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Huge props to Mr. and Mrs. Platypus for being such lovely hosts over New Year's. I still owe you guys dinner, though.

Previously on Angel, Cary shimmied, Drusilla and Darla followed Shakespeare's instruction to "kill all the lawyers," and Angel decided it was time for some down-sizing. Sadly, there's still room for his hair.

We open with a blipvert. As omens go, I'm not sure that's a good one. The MoG wander out of the Hyperion. Cordy and Wesley are carrying generic boxes which are, presumably, full of office supplies. Or lighting fixtures from the hotel. They didn't even have desks, so what was there to clear out? The change of clothes that Cordy keeps behind the front desk, and Wesley's copy of the Encyclopedia Demonica. Does that require a whole box? Oh, and Cordy seems to have taken the iBook as part of her severance package. Good thinking. Cordy asks what just happened, because it's her turn to speak for new viewers. Old viewers are busy wondering why Cordelia stopped packing long enough to put that brand new streak in her hair. It's like a big comma over her forehead. Maybe she put the highlight in while she was in shock. Wesley and Gunn run through various idiomatic terms for getting fired, which is kind of cute, and that jogs Cordy's memory. Wesley puts on a happy face by saying, "Angel's not been himself lately. Perhaps he'll change his mind." So last week (or an hour ago, tops, in the show's terms), Wesley was convinced that Angel was on The Path of Ultimate Evil. But now that Angel's actually fired them all, Wesley thinks that maybe Angel is just feeling cranky. All righty. Cordy simply says, "Darla. It's all about Darla." She adds that Angel is consistent: "It's always some little blonde driving him over the edge." She wonders what they should do now. Gunn declares his intention to grab a burrito. Off their looks, he explains, "This was just a side gig for me, all right?" Gunn says that if Angel wants to "go all commando, it's no skin off my nose." Cordy replies, "Well my nose skin is angry. And hurt! And --" "Disappointed?" Wesley asks. Cordy makes a sad puppy face in response. Wesley guesses that Angel needs to be alone. The MoG all head off in different directions. This appears to confirm the fact that Wesley does have an apartment somewhere, and wasn't living at the hotel. How dumb is that? A whole hotel, and he's maintaining a separate apartment? At least Cordy has the excuse that Phantom Dennis is a much cooler roommate than Angel would be.

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