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Expecting...Very Little

Previously on Angel...holy crap, it's a blipverted "previously." That's dirty pool. Darla crashed through a door, then Angel kissed her boo-boos. Among other things. A chocolatey Holtz was dislodged from his hard candy shell. Darla threw pig's blood around like an extra in Carrie. Darla turned up at the Hyperion, and Cordy learned that sisterhood has its limits.

Welcome to York, where at the tone the time will be 1764. Beep. Holtz goes galloping across the countryside at night, and I can't help singing, "Robin Hood, Robin Hood,/ Riding through the glen..." He meets up with another man on horseback, who says, "We've found them." And off they go.

Meanwhile, a young girl named Sarah answers a knock at the door. She opens it and -- brace yourself -- sees Darla and Angel. They manage to convince her to invite them in.

"With his band of men./ Feared by the bad, loved by the good!" Excuse me. Holtz and his travel buddy run into a larger group of horsemen. Holtz is informed that "they're trapped inside." Everyone dismounts.

Angel, Darla, and Sarah go to meet Sarah's mother.

"Robin Hood!/ Robin Hood!/ Robin Hoooooood!" Catchy, ain't it? Holtz and company march over to a small house carrying torches. Holtz orders, "Burn it down if you have to."

Angel tells Sarah's mother that they have a message for her husband. "You know my Daniel?" she wonders. Darla beams and sits by Sarah. Holtz doesn't really look like a "Daniel." Oh, am I ruining the surprise? Sorry. It's Holtz's family, but you knew that. I bet you even knew that the house Holtz's men are surrounding isn't the house Angel and Darla are in. In fact, it may not have occurred to you that you should think otherwise. Nothing wrong with attempting the old Silence of the Lambs fake-out, but it just didn't work here. Maybe because in that movie, we had good reasons to think that the FBI had found the house, and here we have no idea why Holtz's troop believes they've cornered the vampires. Good effort, though. Nice swing. Way to get a piece of it. Caroline asks what the message is, and Darla says she'll give it to Sarah.

Holtz gets ready to storm through the door.

Darla tells Sarah to close her eyes, and then vamps out. Caroline tries to get up, but Angel holds her in her chair and vamps out. He lurks behind her and says, "Tell your husband, Mr. Holtz...Never mind, I'll tell him m'self." The vampires do what they do best.

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