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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

Sam is trying to keep the door shut so that the vampires can't enter the room. Angel is sulking in a corner because Sam can't pay him. Angel reluctantly helps block the door as he admits that Sam's motives were noble, and adds, "It's not as if I haven't been accused of nobility myself once or twice." No fear of that happening after this episode. Angel wonders if they can work something out, and asks if Sam owns a car, or a house, or a credit card. Alas, Sam's pretty well tapped out. Again, I have mixed feelings, because I can appreciate how the money-grubbing jerkitude leaves what was admirable about Angel in smoldering ruins. On the other hand, totally removed from context, this scene entertains me. I like the hero who doesn't actually want to be heroic. I'd watch a show about someone like that. But that's not what this show's about.

Fred solves the puzzle! Turns out the blocks had to be piled into a pyramid. Boy, nobody could have figured that out but Fred. To be fair, maybe the demons aren't very bright, either. By their standards, putting blocks together might signify genius. Let's not be speciesist. The demons excitedly lead Fred away from the puzzle -- to her doom! I hope. Just as Fred starts wondering where Cary is, her question is answered. Cary is tied up and lying on the floor near the dying demon's chair. Fred is quickly placed in another chair and tied down. Fred worries, "I don't have to marry him, do I?" Interesting guess, but save that for another episode. Cary explains to Fred what's going on, but we already know, and knew from the first time we saw them, so let's move on to the part where Cordelia enters. Carrying the baby. I guess that's okay; she couldn't leave it at home, right? I don't know. Cordy asks Cary to explain that there's been a misunderstanding; she's returning the money, but the demons will have to release Fred and Cary. Cary talks to the demons, who don't seem pleased. Then Cary explains, "I told them what they had to do, and told them what would happen if they didn't do it!" It turns out that Cary's assumed that Gunn, Wesley, and Angel are nearby, ready to attack. Cordy kicks Cary in the shins and points out that he could have confirmed that with her first, since the demons wouldn't understand what they were saying. Okay, she doesn't, but I would have. Pack of morons, all of them.

Angel leaves the doorway and smashes a window, preparing to help Sam escape. Sam refuses: "These things killed Jack. If I run now, I'll be running [for] the rest of my life." Angel asks if that's what Jack would want, and Sam says, "No, I think Jack would want to be here with me. But that's never gonna happen." Aw. Angel finally shoves Sam away from the door and lectures him about economics while dispatching the vampires. Vamps turn to dust as Angel shouts, "Rent, three phone lines, advertising -- it adds up!" His work done, he tosses the watch to Sam and storms out. Again, this totally wrecks Angel's character, but grumpy lectures are still better than quips. Sam shouts after him, "I owe you! You're a real...champion." From down the hall, Angel grumbles, "Yeah, whatever." Sam hit that "owe" with almost as much force as the anvil that hit my brain at the same moment. We hear Angel saying, "Hello? Hello?" Sam helpfully explains, "I think that's your voice mail." Maybe Sam could repay his debt to Angel by teaching him how to work the phone.

El Debarge. Cordy confirms that the demons have groins, and then kicks one experimentally. There's a metallic clang, and Cordy hops backwards groaning, "Ow, ow, oo." She ends up hopping out of the room through the curtains, and is immediately propelled back in by the arrival of Wesley and Gunn. That wasn't bad. Wesley and Gunn immediately start fu-ing all over the place. Cordy watches helplessly instead of untying Cary, or helping Fred, or joining the fight, because she's carrying the stupid baby. Fred screams as a sword approaches her neck, and the boys leap to the rescue. They hurl a sword and the briefcase of money across the room, which kill one demon and knock off the Prince's head, respectively. The demons stop for a moment and take in the scene. And then the battle resumes. Wesley and Gunn are both knocked down, and that's when Angel crashes through the skylight. Which they have. On the barge. Fine. Head-knocking, chest-walking, and the battle is won.

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