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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

A sudden blipvert makes me twitch, and I accidentally change channels. I stumble upon an episode of what I'm guessing is The New Hardy Boys Mystery Hour. The still-unnamed blonde with the retro hair tells Gunn and Wesley how reassuring it is to have someone who'll help her. She mentions Fred, which causes Gunn and Wesley to demonstrate that they are both a little sweet on Fred. Boy, I can't wait to see where that goes! Blondie shows them a picture of her ex and talks about what good times they used to have. Which leads to a demonstration of the fact that Gunn and Wesley are both a little bit sweet on Fred. Yeah, I got that the first time, too. Blondie valiantly tries to steer them back toward her problem by asking how her dead boyfriend can still be stalking her. Wesley interrupts Gunn to suggest, "Witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, zombification, demon possession, [or] even vampirism." Blondie asks what Brian wants, and Wesley interrupts Gunn again to offer some vague answers that I won't bother quoting. Gunn, finally able to get a word in, suggests, "Or maybe he just wants to eat your intestines." Wesley corrects Gunn, reminding him, "We don't know that he's a zombie, and besides, the flesh-eating is a myth. Zombies merely mangle, mutilate, and occasionally wear human flesh, so there's no reason to be frightened." Heh. Okay, that was amusing. It's a pity it was just another setup for "cue the monster, with ironic timing," since that's when Brian (I presume) smashes the door partly open and attacks Wesley. Gunn helps beat Brian back through the door and slam it shut. "Zombie it is!" Wesley chirps.

Cary and Fred arrive at the Castanetoids' barge, just down the pier from the Riptide gang. Cary describes the decor as "Jules Verne meets Leona Helmsley," which makes me chuckle. The Castanetoids click-clack, and Cary explains that the demons want to take a picture of Fred and Cary. Naturally, nobody finds this odd, and the snapshot is taken. Fred turns to look at the puzzle, which consists of a lot of clear plastic blocks of varying shapes. The puzzle is a game of Icehouse? Odd. Fred sits down, opens up the laptop, and starts looking at the designs etched into the blocks. And then she spews technobabble for a minute. A demon offers them a tray of crackers topped with eyeballs and insects, in case we forgot that they're, you know, demons. We didn't. What else is on?

Hey, this looks like a rerun from the first season of Angel. Particularly with the inability to make out half of the dark set. Angel wanders around in the abandoned building. No vamps to be found, but there is a collection of "trophies" from their victims. Like, watches and jewelry and stuff. Not actual trophies from vampire contests, although that would be amusing. "Grand Prize for Best Blood-Sucking." Heh. And if there were a prize for sucking, you know what would win? Of course you do. Footsteps approach, a vamp enters, and there's a cool fight. Yay. It even goes on for a little while, since Angel crashes through a table before he remembers how to kill vampires. He didn't come with his own stakes? Idiot. But he does make a lame joke as he dispatches the vamp, and for a minute it's kind of like old times. Angel stands up, and then sees two more vampires about to attack.

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