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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

Angel strolls into the Hyperion's lobby gloating about the "five thousand smackaroos" he just picked up. I wish he'd gotten five thousand smacks instead. Fred explains that Wesley and Gunn are working on the Mysterious Case of the Dead Boyfriend. Fred and Cordelia are, of course, just sitting around watching the baby sleep. What else should they be doing? Angel makes sure that Cordy ran a credit check on the client. He seems a little bit fixated on money. Has anybody else picked up on that? I scream in terror as we suddenly cut to the baby-cam shot. Angel looks down at us, making goo-goo faces, while Cordy worries that they're working on too many cases simultaneously. "What if we're all out making money and some poor devil stumbles in here and needs our help?" she says, as the audience readies itself for an ironic punchline. Right on cue Cary, drunk, enters the lobby. Why is he drunk? He was chatting with an informant in his quest to track down Holtz. Cary relays the news that Holtz is trying to find humans who will help him kill Angel. Having done his best to move the story arc another inch forward, Cary figures his work is done for this episode.

Cordy picks up a large stiff parcel wrapped in a blanket as she notices more visitors entering the hotel. Wait, I think the parcel is supposed to be the baby. If the baby's two feet long and completely stiff. It makes Cordy look like a younger version of the Log Lady. The new arrivals turn out to be the Castanetoids. They start jabbering, and Cordy asks Cary to translate. For extra fun, watch this scene again and look at how the "baby" changes size and shape. In three consecutive shots the baby suddenly goes from gigantic to normal to the size of a kitten. I was kind of hoping that it would shrink away to nothing, but alas, no. Is it that hard to send someone out to the toy store to buy a baby doll, so that at least you'd have something that was the right size? Cary says that the demons still want help with their puzzle, but now they want Fred. Angel asks for details, and we all learn that the demons live on a barge at the marina, because sure, why not? Fred might have to stay with them for a day or two, and Angel realizes that Cary would also have to go along as a translator. Angel carps about all the money they'll charge for salary and overtime, and it is with some surprise that I notice Angel seems to have become a trifle materialistic. The lead demon holds up the briefcase it's been carrying as Cary explains that they're offering to pay $50,000. Angel grabs the briefcase full of money, clutches it to his chest, and grins like the giant clod he's become.

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