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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

Gunn enters and announces that they've hired people to blanket the city with "Angel Investigations" flyers. Angel looks at the flyer and declares, "Nice!" He sounds exactly like Marcus did while possessing Angel's body. So I guess that's probably something Boreanaz really says. It's quite annoying. Fred pops out to declare that the website is online. Angel picks up his little albatross as everyone gathers expectantly, waiting for the phone to start ringing. Because as soon as a website's up, you get hits. You don't need to link it to anything, or submit to search engines, or advertise. People just know. They stare at the silent phone. Angel tells the kid, "Don't you worry. This town's full of people who have problems." And that's just the writers.

Cut to a guy running through a rainy alley, pursued by the shadows of something they couldn't afford to show us. The man trips and crashes into a trash can, then picks up one of the flyers.

Things are quiet at the Hyperion.

The man rushes to a phone and dials.. We suddenly go to a split-screen so we can see everyone at the Hyperion waiting by the phone. And then the screen splits further, so we can see that the call is answered by a blue-haired worker who says, "Fabrizzo's Pizza?" In the alley, something runs past the camera.

Back at the Hyperion, Fred looks at the flyer and wonders, "Is this the right phone number?" Y'know, some people found the idea that nobody double-checked the number implausible. But I work for a company that made that exact mistake, and had to pay a heckuva lot of money to buy the printed phone number from another company because we'd already sent out thousands of forms using that phone number. So I can believe it. And with that wacky, oops-some-poor- innocent-got-killed opening, let's enjoy the credits. Johanna calls to say that she would probably enjoy watching a show all about how the pizza deliverymen start answering the calls for help, and learn to chase monsters away with anchovies.

Hm, what's on TV tonight? This looks like some kind of office-centered dramedy thing, like Ally McBeal, or some other show I've never watched. Wesley returns with new, corrected flyers. Gunn's watching Fred simper over the widdle baby. Fred's hair is curled and in pigtails. Someone trusted her with a curling iron? Maybe Cordy got bored. Wesley walks over by Gunn so that they can stare at her together. That's creepy. Wesley: "Adorable." No, creepy. Gunn: "So sweet." I'm sticking with creepy. Wesley: "I meant the baby." The baby's definitely creepy. Gunn: "I meant the hot mama." Ew. Poor, poor Gunn. Angel enters, wearing a shirt that is too tight in the shoulders, and mentions that making money is their top priority now. Cary descends the stairs, and worries that Angel's angry because Cary drank some of the baby formula. Cary says, "Baby formula and Kahlua? Not as bad as it sounds." Ugh. Angel dismisses that, and explains that he needs Cary to use his "contacts" to track down Holtz. Because Holtz is their top priority. Gunn points out the contradiction. Angel says that making money and finding Holtz are both their top priorities. Math isn't Angel's strong suit. Cordy suddenly passes by and clears her throat. Angel amends his list: "Helping the helpless, finding Holtz, and making money, are our...three...number one priorities." Yeah. We all saw Monty Python, we all get it. Cordy sits at the computer and declares that their website has gotten some hits. Immediately, the phone rings. And then another phone rings. And another. Wow, it's exciting. If you're interested in a show about a bunch of incompetent goofs trying to start a business. But I'm not, because I know how that turned out on The Real World. What else is on?

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