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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

Angel takes the baby from Cordy as he apologizes for ignoring her opinions and leaving her alone. Fred is released from the chair, and tells Gunn and Wesley, "I could kiss you both." We get it, okay? It is gotten. We've signed the receipt, we've registered our serial numbers with the manufacturer, we have it, it's ours, and did I mention that we never wanted it to begin with? In fact, I think I may head over to the mall after the show to see if I can exchange it. So quit it, is my point. Cary moans from the floor, and Fred hurries to untie him. Cary tells her, "My hands are turning pink!" Heh. Angel stares at the money spilling out of the briefcase and lectures his employees, "Money's important, but it isn't everything." Let me write that down. After a heartwarming moment, Cordy points out, "They tried to cut Fred's head off. And I stopped them! Why did I do that? What's wrong with me?" Oops, sorry. She just suggests that they earned the $50,000. Angel quickly hands the baby back to Cordy so that he can join everyone else in stuffing wads of bills into their pockets. It seems as if just putting it back into the briefcase would be easier.

Cordy, the baby, and Angel are lying together in Angel's bed. Cordy's holding up a bottle for the kid while Angel drifts off, content to let the womenfolk handle the child-care duties. They're arguing about the money, albeit in slow, sleepy voices. Cordy wants a boat. Angel wants a college fund for the brat. Cordy gives up and suggests, "College fund, pay our bills, and a ski condo in Aspen." She insists, "We need some fun in our lives." Have you tried watching television? Wait, never mind. Angel sleepily admits he'd like a ski condo. Cordy says, "Snow...trees...chipmunk robots on ice." I haven't a clue. Maybe she's remembering something from the alternate universe. Johanna thinks that maybe chipmunk robots on ice are one of those upper-class indulgences that go along with private yachts and ski condos. So, is the $50,000 going to solve all their money problems for the time being, which means that suddenly nobody will call or visit their website anymore? I'm just asking so that I know what the premise of the show will be next time I watch. I already know it's hopeless to guess who the characters will be.

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