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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

Previously on Angel, Angel's kid was prophesied, because it'd be just awful if anything important ever happened to Angel that somebody hadn't predicted. Wolfram & Hart, along with various demon hordes, explored the kidnapping career path. Cordy turned part-demon to handle the visions, and without even one joke about how that wasn't much of a stretch for her. Where's Xander when you need him? Oh, and Holtz adopted an Anti-Slayer to help fill his time.

We open on a close-up shot of Angel putting pennies in a piggy bank. Anybody out there think that Angel just happened to have a piggy bank? So he bought it, right? He bought a piggy bank. To help him to save money. And that's the start and end of my search for sense here. Cordy holds the baby as Angel carries the bank across the room and puts it in the safe. Angel tells Fred that he found $1.83 in the couch cushions. Then he looks over her shoulder to view the website she's designing for Angel Investigations. On her laptop. Just in case we've forgotten that they have, in the course of three years, possessed thousands of dollars worth of iMacs and flatscreens and laptops. Sorry. I know that I said I wasn't expecting sense. But I wasn't expecting them to draw attention to the blatant nonsense. By, for instance, having Fred -- who has literally lived a cave for the past five years -- design a website. I think this is going to be more difficult than I expected.

As if we weren't already being treated like gibbering morons, we're given the first of several baby-cam shots. Cordy leans over into the camera and coos how cute she thinks the baby is. Angel pops up over her shoulder and wheezes, "How's my widdle maaaan?" Suddenly I'm more terrified than I've ever been by the monsters on this show. Cordy and Angel have a passive-aggressive conversation, ostensibly directed at the brat, to the effect that Angel hasn't been attending to his fatherly duties. I don't know whether you've picked up on it yet, but Angel is pretty focused on raising funds for the kid. Cordy notes that she's managed to feed herself, which is just bizarre, because does she mean to imply that the baby should go earn a paycheck? I don't understand. And she's "fed herself" by sponging off Angel, so I don't see why the kid can't do the same thing. Cordy finally puts the baby down and stops talking to the camera. She tells Angel that she doesn't want him to "lose sight of the mission." Angel promises that he won't neglect any messages from The Powers That Be.

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