Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Gunn asks what the Circle actually does, and Lindsey giggles and asks, "You guys always this slow?" Oh, Lindsey. Need you ask? He continues, "Starts with 'A,' ends in '-pocalypse.'" Lindsey says that the Circle "makes sure that man's inhumanity to man keeps rolling along." Wesley says he thought the Senior Partners did that, and Lindsey explains that the Circle's members are the Senior Partner's agents on this plane. Wesley says, "That's why you came back to L.A., tried to kill Angel. To get into the Circle." Hey! We finally learned what the hell Lindsey was doing, and it makes sense! You know, mostly. As much as most things on this show do. Yay! Gunn observes, "It looks like Angel succeeded where you failed." It's weird to taunt Lindsey about how they Angel's better at being evil than Lindsey is, because they aren't really that proud of him for it. Are they? Lindsey says Angel couldn't get into the Circle, because he'd have to stop helping the helpless. He adds, "Probably wouldn't even make it on the Circle's radar 'till he killed one of his lieutenants." Lindsey grins around happily at everyone while they exchange shocked looks. Cary sighs that the Senior Partners are "killing Angel by degrees." Wesley mournfully adds, "And we all watched it happen." Dude, they are so dumb. Seriously. I can't believe they still don't realize it's a trick. Gunn moans, "The guy I knew wouldn't want this, wouldn't want to be this." Wesley says that Angel dedicated his life to helping others, and that if he's changed his goals, they have to try to bring him back to the side of goodness and whatever. Wesley insists, "He'd do the same for any of us, regardless of our actions." Er. Well. If you say so. Cary asks, "What if he's skipped too far down that evil brick road?" The MoG stare around at each other. And Lindsey stares around, too, looking sulky. I think Spicule's still trying to figure out where that evil ant figures into this.

Angel walks down a dark stone corridor somewhere. He sees the no-longer-mysterious spikey circular symbol of doom on the wall, and gazes at it for a minute. We hear sounds of a beating going on nearby. Angel turns the corner, sees the flaming doorway from the teaser, and leaps through it.

And so we're back where we started. Angel enters the room and the Black Thornites back away from the guy they're pummeling. Angel pulls the victim up and removes the bag from his head, and this time we see that it's Drogyn. Angel looks mildly surprised. Or maybe he's just shocked to discover that they pulled Drogyn's toupee off as part of the torture, since most of his hair is gone now. Drogyn whispers, "Thank you." This time we see Angel shake his head slowly while looking at Drogyn, before he vamps out and sinks his fangs into Drogyn's neck. Angel finishes drinking, and snaps Drogyn's neck, and looks around, reacting like Drogyn's blood delivers quite a rush.

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