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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Illyria and Drogyn are playing Crash Bandicoot, and having a meta-conversation about the game and life, so that Illyria can talk about how she doesn't know why she keeps on going the way she does when she has no purpose, but she does it anyway. Just as I'm about to fall asleep, Hamilton smashes the door open and enters. It was a nice door-smash, too. Shame Angel wasn't there to enjoy it. Drogyn and Hamilton apparently know each other, and Hamilton says, "So, I hear you're living in a tree now?" Hee hee. Drogyn sniffs that he lives in a cave; the tree is just the entrance. Hamilton grrs that Drogyn won't be going back there, and then tosses him into a wall. Illyria steps up to defend Drogyn, and Hamilton beats her and beats her and beats her, and finally stomps on her. So that bit at the start of the scene was there to explain why Illyria bothers protecting Drogyn when she's not invested in anything that happens to the MoG. Fair enough. But it'd have been funnier if Hamilton had marched in and grabbed Drogyn, and Illyria had kept playing the game and said, "Go on and take him, I don't care." Incidentally, were we supposed to worry that Illyria might be dead? Because, well, speaking of not-caring...I don't.

Lindsey asks the MoG, "You gonna beat it out of me?" Spicule is fine with that, and Lindsey leaps to his feet like he is too, and that is a fight I would enjoy. Although it'd probably wind up with "I hated Angel long before you did!" "But he hates me way more than he hates you!" "He does not!" "You're jealous 'cause Angel hates me more!" "Funny, he never mentioned your name when we were punching each other!" Five years from now, Spicule and Lindsey will do their own version of "The Girl in Question" where they're stalking Angel.

Where was I? Right, Spicule shoves Lindsey back into his seat, and the MoG suggest that they skip the fisticuffs portion of the interrogation. Lindsey insists that he doesn't know why Angel's doing what he's doing: "Me and him? Not too close." Wesley shows Lindsey the mysterious spikey circular symbol of doom, and Lindsey blinks and asks where they got it. Wesley asks what it is, and Lindsey giggles and finally says, "No way they'd take Angel." He finally explains that it's the symbol of the Circle of the Black Thorn, a secret society. Gunn says he hasn't heard of it, and Lindsey sneers, "That's 'cause they're secret," and totally redeems the rather obvious joke with his sneering "I just cannot believe how stupid you are" expression. Apparently, the Circle of the Black Thorn is an elite group of powerful evil folks. Insert Skull & Bones joke here. Lindsey says, "But evil's not the point. Power is." Then Wesley says, "Powerrrr," in this whispery voice, and I can't really explain why it's so funny. I didn't notice it the first time, but after the show was over, Johanna made me go back and listen to that line again, and I couldn't breathe for a minute or two.

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