Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Commercials. I wish I could take the episodes and rearrange them so that the episodes with Angel at his creepiest were right before this, and it would make a bit more sense. The character has been all over the place from week to week, and now that his state of mind is supposed to be terribly significant, it's really hard to forget that a week ago he was acting like a doofus in Italy.

In a different conference room than usual, Wesley is muttering that there must be a reason for Angel's behavior. Everyone sure got muttery this season. Oh, maybe being around Illyria makes people mutter. That would explain why it's mostly Wesley and Spicule who've been affected. Wesley tells Cary, "It could be a ploy!" Whoa, Wesley was almost right there for a second! Cary says that he thinks Angel believes everything he said. See! I still like that. Wesley mutters that Angel never cared about power, but Cary says that Angel never had any power to care about before. Then Gunn and Spicule burst into the room, dragging a shackled Lindsey along with them. Oh who is that young sinner with the handcuffs on his wrists? And what's with the shackles, anyway? They must have retrieved him from Angel's apartment. Lindsey raises his manacled arms and smirks, "You boys look like you could use a hug!" And you could use a haircut, Lindsey. Is there a reason he has to look like that?

The Southern California School of Art & Design (or SCAAD, as the sign says, and may I say that is an awesome acronym). Angel is lurking outside and catches Nina on her way from class. They hug, and then Angel hands Nina some plane tickets. She's all excited that Angel's going on vacation with her, but then she realizes that the ticket are for her, her sister, and her niece. Angel says he needs her to get somewhere safe, and Nina insists that she wants to be with him. She asks if he's afraid she'll get hurt, and Angel says, "I'm the thing that'll hurt you." And they argue for a while. I don't know what to make of this scene. It pretty much destroys the idea that Angel's gone all evil. Maybe we were supposed to think that this means even Angel realizes he's been corrupted, but that he can't resist the temptation or whatever. It really doesn't play that way, though, and seems terribly unnecessary. I just don't get this subplot at all. Angel unconvincingly says, "If I get through this intact, I'll come for you. We'll have time." A piano plinks as Nina tells Angel that he's a crappy liar. Angel tells her to go, and Nina sighs, "I'll go. Why on earth would I stay?" And off she goes to hook up with the Immortal. Probably.

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