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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Wesley goes on to show Drogyn the sketch of the mysterious spikey circular symbol, but Drogyn doesn't recognize it. Wesley tells the others how the symbol appeared in his book. Cary still can't believe that Angel would be involved in any of this, but Wesley points out that Angel's been acting strangely. They wonder what caused the sudden change in his behavior, and Illyria explains, "They've only got two episodes to wrap this all up." Oh, sorry, no, she says, "He's preparing to make his move." Wesley proposes a daring plan: they should ask Angel what's up. Hey! That's practically smart. Especially on this show, where characters never talk to each other when they can leap to conclusions instead. They head out, but Wesley says that someone should stay behind and guard Drogyn. Spicule volunteers Illyria, since she doesn't care about all this stuff anyway. As everyone else leaves, Spicule shows Illyria the amenities and suggests that she might enjoy playing Crash Bandicoot. Shut up, Spicule.

Wolfram & Hart. Angel is asking Harmony to fax a contract off when the MoG appear and say they need to talk to him. Once everyone has trooped into the office, Angel asks what's going on. He's got just a little bit of Angelus-style sarcastic delivery throughout this scene, which is nice, because I think we determined last year that a lot of Angelus is really far too much. Spicule says that Drogyn's in town, and that someone tried to kill him. He gets all muttery again as he asks if Angel knows anything about that. Angel says that he doesn't, and strolls over to the window as he oh-so-casually asks where Drogyn is. Gunn says that Drogyn is safe, and Angel turns and says, "Good. Now is there anything else, or can we get back to business?" Wesley asks what kind of business, and Angel lectures, "The business of business. Oil, software, world-wide wickets. The product doesn't matter, it's the game that matters. Get to the top. Be the best. Have the most. Win." Wesley asks what they'll win, and it'd be funny if Angel suddenly turned game-show host here and said, "An exotic cruise!" But he just says that Wesley is missing the point. Gunn says that Angel sounds like Angelus, which isn't true, because he's not blustering nearly enough for that. Angel says that if he were evil, half of them would already be dead. That doesn't seem likely.

Angel snits that the only one who understands how things work is Cary: "You didn't judge. You didn't spend your life obsessed with good and evil. You do that, you get swallowed, lost in the minutiae." "Minutiae" is an impressive word for Angel to use, don't you think? He goes on about how nothing they do matters, and says, "An ant with the best intentions or the most diabolical schemes is just exactly an ant." There's a reaction shot of Spicule looking amazed here. Johanna thought maybe Spicule was trying to figure out where this evil ant was, and what it was up to. Angel says that there's only one thing in "this apocalypse we call a world" that matters, and that is power: "Power tips the scales, power sets the course. And until I have real power, global power, I have nothing. I accomplish nothing." Okay, that reads as megalomaniacal, but the delivery was matter-of-fact, which is good. And the other nice thing is that Angel's telling the truth. He's genuinely explaining what his goals are here. That's fun. Angel admits that maybe Wolfram & Hart have gotten to him, and points out, "From day one, they've been calling the shots, and all we've done is get shot at. I have a chance to change that." Cary asks if he'll actually change anything once he's in control, and Angel repeats that he can't worry about the small stuff. Harmony enters and announces that Angel has a call. Angel says, "We're done here. I have to take this, and the MoG head for the door, looking shell-shocked. At the door, Wesley pauses to ask, "The small stuff that you can't worry about. Would that include Fred?" Angel says he loved Fred, and Wesley replies, "That's not an answer." Angel snaps, "Then I guess you don't get one," and slams the door in Wesley's face. Ha!

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