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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Commercials. Johanna asks if we're really supposed to believe that Angel is evil, or we're just supposed to wonder what his plan is. I'm not really sure, but I think we're supposed to be fooled, too. But then why include the scenes with Nina, which seem to undercut that idea intentionally? It's confusing.

Wesley marches across the lobby, grabs a marker from Harmony's desk, and sketches the spikey circular symbol on a page in appointment book or something. Doesn't he have paper and pens in his office? Harmony looks at the drawing and says it'd make a nice tattoo. Wesley ignores her and marches off again. Seriously, what's with that? Maybe they don't let him use sharp objects like pens without supervision anymore.

Wesley enters Angel's office and immediately starts to talk about how he found something unusual, but stops when he sees that Hamilton and Angel are chatting. Wesley starts to ask Hamilton to leave, but Angel smarms, "Actually, Wes, we're kind of in the middle of something. Why don't you try me later?" As Wesley turns to leave, Angel asks him to close the door on his way out.

Back in the lobby, Wesley runs into Cary, and they pedeconference. Cary grumbles that Angel dumped six of Cary's clients, and whines that he's spent all day "talking them off ledges and out of pill bottles." As they reach Wesley's office, Gunn joins them and asks what Angel said. Wesley growls that Angel didn't say anything, because he's busy discussing business strategy with Hamilton. Wesley is totally jealous of Hamilton. Cary gets in his obligatory name-drop by comparing Angel to Leona Helmsley. Johanna points out that the "contemporary" references have regressed back to the 1990s again, and wonders if eventually Cary will start making allusions to the Teapot Dome Scandal. The phone interrupts their fretting about Angel, and Wesley answers, listens, and gives everyone a shocked look.

Spicule's apartment. How's he paying for it, again? Oh, maybe all those mysterious comments about Spicule officially joining the MoG meant that he's getting paid now. All righty. And apparently he redecorated, too. Anyway, all of the MoG (except Angel, obviously) have gathered there so that Drogyn can tell them his story. I guess Drogyn got patched up in the meantime, because he seems fine as he explains that a Sathari demon tried to assassinate him last night. Spicule helps Drogyn to make a long story short, and Drogyn says he tortured the demon "for hours" to find out who sent him: "It was Angel." Drogyn says that Angel was afraid he would find something in the Deeper Well: "Something that would uncover the truth about his involvement." Gunn asks what Drogyn means, and Drogyn says that Angel helped Illyria to escape the Well. Wesley says that he thought Illyria's escape was predestined, and I grumble to myself yet again about what "predestined" means. Drogyn's all, "I thought so, too, but maybe not." Swell. Cary asks why Angel would want to set Illyria free, but Drogyn thinks Illyria wasn't the point: "Before he died, the assassin said something about a sacrifice. Someone trusted and dear." Wesley asks Drogyn if he thinks Angel deliberately sacrificed Fred. Any second now, Drogyn is going to demand that they all get their hearing checked. Drogyn insists that he thought Angel was an ally, and so he's sad to report this. Gunn asks if maybe the assassin was lying, and Drogyn huffs, "No one lies when they're at the mercy of my wrath." Next, Gunn wonders if Drogyn is lying, but Spicule explains that Drogyn can't. Wesley adds, "This is Drogyn, the Battlebrand. Given eternal youth a thousand years ago. Demon-bane, truth-sayer." Off everyone's looks, Wesley explains, "Watcher's Council."

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