Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Spicule and Illyria go to Funville is going to be the name of my first children's book. Funville turns out to be a very pretty location, especially when they move out into an open space so that we can see the coaster they're climbing about under. Plus it's actually nighttime. Oh, nighttime shoots, how I've missed you. The visuals here almost make up for the audio. Because Spicule and Illyria are, as usual, expositioning at each other. Here's the news: Angel didn't care about the Boretz demon, and maybe he's been corrupted by all the goodies at Wolfram & Hart. Thanks for that reminder, because I almost forgot those vital plot points while I was beating my head against a wall. Eventually Illyria insists that rulers like Angel start to see treachery everywhere, and "cannot suffer intimates." Spicule chuckles, "Guess I don't have to worry about that, 'cause Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that one --" He's interrupted by millions of squeals across the country. Oh, and by Illyria, who says, "Mark me. He will murder one of you."

And then Drogyn, who has apparently been lurking in the darkness all this time, seizes his opening and lurches into view gasping, "Actually, he already has." Instead of shouting, "What? Angel's killed someone? Who? Where?" Spicule pauses for a calm round of introductions, and then the Boretz demon suddenly attacks. Spicule tussles with it briefly, and then Illyria smashes it through some beams and kills it. Spicule and Illyria return to Drogyn, who says that he came to find Spicule: "I can find anyone who has visited the Well, be they in this world or any other." What an odd power. Seems like it wouldn't be useful most of the time, except, of course, right now. Drogyn gasps that he came to warn Spicule, whereupon Spicule, the vampire, finally notices that Drogyn has been wounded and is bleeding all over the place. Spicule asks Drogyn if the Boretz attacked him, because I guess Spicule really wasn't paying attention to Drogyn's dramatic entrance. Instead of asking "Did you hear what I said?" and wondering if he should have just stayed home, Drogyn replies, "It was Angel." Then Spicule says, "That's a coincidence! We were just talking about Angel. Illyria thinks he might be corrupted, but I say no. What do you think?" And then Drogyn says, "Yes, I think he's corrupted! He tried to kill me!" And then Spicule says "That's awful -- who tried to kill you, again?" And then Drogyn dies of frustration.

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