Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

In the conference room, Angel and his visitors are watching a campaign ad for Senator Brucker's opponent, Mike Conley. The ad ends with "Your home is his work. He's looking out for your children's interests." Brucker and Ernesto explain that Conley has broken Brucker's lock on "the chick vote." Brucker sneers, "I didn't claw my way up from hell and get installed in a human body just to have some pedophile steal my Senate seat." Gunn is shocked to hear that Conley is a pedophile, and Brucker explains that he isn't, yet. She wants Dr. Sparrow to brainwash Conley into thinking he's a pedophile. Or being one. Or, I guess, both. Gunn says, "Holland Manners doesn't live here anymore," and snarls that there's no way they'd do such a thing. Plus, is Dr. Sparrow still alive? And on the payroll? Angel interrupts, "We can do it." Gunn asks Angel what he's doing as Brucker says, "You've just made yourself a very loyal ally in Washington." Gunn jumps up and tells Angel, "We need to talk!" Angel snaps, "I'm with the Senator now, Gunn."

Wesley's in his office, but he's not crazy. Crumbs. He pulls open one of his magic books and looks up information on Boretz demons. As he's reading, the words on the page vanish and are replaced with a message: "You're looking in the wrong place." On the facing page, the same circular symbol we saw in the teaser appears. Gunn sweeps in, saying there's a problem with Angel. Wesley looks back down at the book, and the mysterious message is gone.

Angel and the devilish demon from "You're Welcome" are playing racquetball. No, I swear. Angel's wearing a black Wolfram & Hart t-shirt and workout pants. That's all kinds of wrong. Though he looks better in the t-shirt than he does in the never-tucked-in shirts. He's also wearing a headband and goggles, which is the most disconcerting part. As they play, the devil-guy, whose name is Izzy, says that he ran into Ed. Angel doesn't know who Ed is, so Izzy clarifies, "The Grand Potentate Whatchahoozit of the Fell Brethren." Izzy sighs that all the Brethren talk about is the baby: "The baby's doing this now, the baby's doing that, what a wonderful ritual sacrifice he'll make, yak yak yak." Heh. Izzy reports that Ed thinks highly of Angel, and adds that Angel's doing a good job. Angel is pleased, and significantly asks how long he'll have to wait for an answer. Izzy says it won't be much longer.

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