Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

Wolfram & Hart. Oh, crap, it's Illyria. It's really amazing how uninteresting she is. I never thought a character could make Riley seem compelling. Actually, they have the same problem: characters who feel pointless tend to seem equally pointless to the audience. Illyria strolls through the halls and is interrupted when Spicule decides to engage in a lot of projection, because she used to be fearsome and now she wanders around this place she doesn't want to be in, with nothing to do but deliver pages of exposition and reflect another character's anxieties. He winds up by urging Illyria to take a break from Wolfram & Hart and go out somewhere. Where's she gonna go, Spicule? The mall? They start pedeconferencing, and Spicule asks why Wesley isn't getting Illyria up to speed on the humanity shtick. Illyria says, "He and I no longer have intercourse," which makes Spicule gibber until she clarifies that Wesley has stopped speaking to her. She adds, "My recent reversion to the Burkle persona disturbed him, and he will not tell me why." Spicule very, very seriously tells her, "You may not be as powerful as you were, highness, but looking like Fred...for some of us, it's the most disturbing power you have." And yet, for others, it's just as dull as everything else about her.

In the lobby, Angel and Gunn meet up with Hamilton and a Kate Mulgrew-ish woman that Hamilton introduces as Senator Brucker. Brucker has an assistant named Ernesto, who Angel quickly identifies as a vampire. Brucker calmly explains that she believes in diversity on her staff. Angel asks Harmony to get them all some coffee, but Ernesto would prefer blood: "Virgin, if you have it." Harmony cheerily explains the no-human-blood policy, and offers Ernesto some "fruity, unassuming vole" instead. Hamilton quickly suggests that they make an exception for the senator, and Angel obligingly asks Harmony to get something from the lab's blood bank. Harmony exits, and Hamilton says goodbye to Brucker and does the same. As the others head into the conference room, Wesley pulls Angel aside and tells him, "There's been another fatality in Funville." Hee hee. Funville turns out to be an abandoned amusement park. Wesley thinks there's a Boretz demon lurking there that has killed three people recently. Spicule and Illyria wander over and join the discussion. Well, Spicule just talks about how Boretz demons suck, and Illyria stares at Wesley. So "joins" might be overstating things. Angel sniffs that people are dying every day, and he can't be bothered with small stuff like this. Wesley looks shocked, and Angel sighs, "I got a United States Senator waiting for me, so just find out everything you can about this Boretz thing and we'll talk later." Angel enters the conference room. Spicule tells Wesley that he'll go to Funville and look for the demon, and Wesley agrees and bustles off. Illyria whines that Wesley is ignoring her, and Spicule asks, "Wanna go find something to hit?"

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