Power Play

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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

The camera pulls back as Gunn raises his hand, and I think Cary starts to do the same, and then we've moved out through the illusion's field and go back to seeing the MoG facing off against Angel, who's holding Cary by the throat. Which is good, because in another second they were gonna start saying "I serve at the pleasure of the President," and that's no good for anyone. The illusion is actually making me sad, though, and I have no idea why. I think part of it's the music, which is the sad "Someone melted my sidekick!" theme. Wesley says, "Angel, you don't want it to go like this!" and Gunn tells Angel that he's not the boss. Cary moans, "Wes, help." Aw. Actually, that might be the part that makes me sad. Spicule shouts, "Angel, we've got three people here, drop it!" They go on shouting as we reverse, and see Hamilton in the lobby watching the illusion. Or is he? Dun dun dun.

While waiting for the promo, I tell Johanna that this would make a little more sense if only Angel hadn't already decided to stay at Wolfram & Hart before Cordelia kissed him. And, well, there are probably twenty other things that make no sense, but that's the one nagging me at the moment. Johanna wonders if it's all a double-bluff, and Angel's real plan is to take out the Black Thorn, get the MoG killed, and then rule the world with nobody to stop him. I tell her that if the show ended like that, it would obviously be the Greatest Finale Ever. She elaborates that Angel's probably sick and tired of the hero biz, especially with Cordelia gone. And then I say "Aww!" so Johanna adds that the final scene could be Lindsey greeting Angel with, "We did it, baby!" and I cheer up again.

Next week: Rain! Alleys! "His purpose will become clear. His fate will become legend." Blood! Smashing! "The final key to the Angel saga." Gosh.

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