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"It Ain't Like It Used To Be, But It'll Do"

They all pause, and Angel tells Cary to pull the arrow out of his shoulder. Cary does, and Angel says, "Let's finish this," and pulls a big red gem out of his pocket. He says some magic words, and a bright light washes over the room. Angel releases Cary and says, "All right, we have six minutes." He explains that the gem created an illusion, adding "As far as anyone outside this room is concerned, we're still at each other's throats." He says that everything the MoG know is a lie. But given how dopey the MoG usually are, that's probably not unusual. Angel explains that he planted the message in Wesley's book, and sent the assassin after Drogyn. He says, "I knew Drogyn could handle himself. I told the assassin just enough to lead Drogyn to think I played a part in resurrecting Illyria." That was a complicated sentence. Wesley asks why he wanted them all to think Angel killed Fred, and Angel says that the Circle needed to think that the MoG distrusted Angel: "They needed to believe that a person as good and as pure as Drogyn considered me an enemy." Spicule asks when this all started. Angel says, "Two months ago. With a kiss."

Flashback to Cordy kissing Angel. Aw. Poor sad Angel. Angel narrates, "It didn't hit me till later that night." Shot of Angel suddenly jumping awake as he's attacked by a blipvert. Images include the, um, circle, Izzy's mask, Drogyn getting beaten, a few inexplicable shots of Satan's casualties, and the fiery doorway.

Angel's office. Wesley ask whether Cordy gave Angel the visions, and Angel says, "One-shot deal. She put me on the path, showed me where the real powers are." But he still didn't know who they were. He says that when Fred died, he decided that it wasn't going to be "another random, horrible event in another random, horrible world." I don't think he meant to use that second "another" there. He goes on to say that he wanted to make Fred's death matter: "And it worked. I'm in." Now Angel knows exactly who's behind the apocalypse. Gunn brings up Angel's speech about power, and Angel says it's all true: "We're in a machine. That machine is gonna be here long after all our bodies are dust." Angel's talking really, really fast throughout this scene. Which goes with the six-minute time limit, and plus I understand that the script was long, so it's fine, but yikes. Angel says that the Senior Partners will always be around, "because mankind is weak." Cary asks if Angel's going to start talking about ants again. Angel ignores the interruption and continues, "The powerful control everything. Except our will to choose. Lindsey's a pathetic half-wit, but he was right about one thing: heroes don't accept the way the world is. The Senior Partners may be eternal, but we can make their existence painful." He says that if they take out the Circle, they can "bring their gears to a grinding halt, even if it's just for a moment." He grrs, "I'm talking about killing every. Single. Member. Of the Black Thorn. We don't walk away from that." Cary asks if they crawl away, and Angel huffily says that the Senior Partners will "rain their full wrath." Or wrath their full rain. Gunn says that they're used to that, but Angel insists that the Senior Partners will want to destroy them if they do this. He says, "We can't bring down the Senior Partners, but for one bright, shining moment, we can show them that they don't own us." I was actually okay with the speech until there, when Boreanaz got all squinty to convey how serious he is. Angel says they need to decide if this is worth the price they'll pay: "I can't order you to do this. I can't do it without you." He asks them to think about it, and vote. The MoG ponder. Spicule raises his hand and says he's in. Angel probably starts to reconsider his plan right there. Then Wesley smiles as the music starts to swell, and whispers, "I'm in."

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