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Family Tradition

Previously on Angel, Jasmine wanted to help, Fred wanted to clean, Connor wanted to kill, and Angel wanted some Raid.

We open with...Los Angeles. And some Los Angeles. Also: Los Angeles. Sudden pan down into the sewers. Distant sounds of fighting. And, voom, the MoG are battling the National Guard. Apparently, it took all week for the soldiers to remember that they have guns, but when one rifle finally gets pulled out, Fred shouts, "Charles!" and tackles the soldier. Wham, punch, and so forth. Fred is caught. Cary is knocked down. Wesley is walloped across the room by Connor, as if I didn't like the kid enough already. Wesley looks up at Connor, who says, "Angel." No, sweetie, that's Wesley. Okay, I like him, but he's not too bright.

Angel is still surrounded by spider-demons. I had a couple of weird dreams last week about very large bugs. So thanks, Mutant Enemy. And M. Giant isn't helping, either. As the demons close in, Angel shifts the orb into his other hand, and the demons suddenly recoil. It would have been funnier if it took longer for Angel to figure out what was scaring them. Like, "Hey, when I shift my weight to my right foot, they back away. Perhaps I can hop to safety!" Alas, he's quick on the uptake for once. He holds up the orb, and the demons retreat. Because...well, yeah, I don't know, either. Just embrace the serial-type cliffhanger endings, and assume that the Raiders bits of "Awakening" were part of the motif. As the demons retreat, Angel turns around and looks up at a modified version of Devil's Tower. This one has a little building on top. The actual Devil's Tower hasn't been zoned for that sort of thing. Yet. Angel looks at it, and walks out of the frame. The ominous music builds into the theme, which is always nifty. Originally I thought it was neat that the only dialogue in the teaser was Connor saying, "Angel," but it turns out that's not the case. Because Fred ruins everything.

Credits. This week's Boreanaz quote is about shaving cream. You really do need context this time. "I'm just like -- big pile of it and, you know, you put half of it here, and here, and then the rest -- you just throw them in the air, just for prosperity's sake." I hope his wife has her own bathroom.

Still in Yuckmeister's lair, Connor questions the captured MoG. I wonder what happened to the Foundlings. But I don't wonder very much. And yet I'm desperate to know if anybody will notice the giant Yuckyball. I'd like Connor to see it, and either admire the workmanship or figure it's further evidence that the MoG are evil. Instead, Connor paces past the line-up, asking what they planned to do, threatening to kill them...the usual. Wesley says, "Connor --" in his raspiest voice, and Connor points his sword at Wesley and calmly says, "Shut up." Still having trouble disliking the kid. Connor lectures, "All your talk about saving the world. Well, now somebody's gone and done it. Made everything right and good. And you can't stand it because you're all so full of yourselves!" He sneers, "You're all alone now, all of you. You're the ones left out in the cold. You don't belong." The "instead of me" is unspoken, but it doesn't need to be. Wesley insists that Connor doesn't know what Jasmine really is. Connor responds, "She's mine," and raises the sword to chop Wesley's head off. Wesley obligingly tilts his head back so that Connor has a clear target. I guess he's an old hand at this now. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers interrupts in Jasmine's voice, and orders Connor to bring the MoG to her: "Intact." Connor lowers his sword and sighs.

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