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Faith-Based Initiative

Wesley tells Willow that it must be Satan's boss. Willow picks up her own marble and recites one of Dr. Seuss's magic incantations. The marble glows, because it's not magic if something doesn't glow, and levitates out of her hand.

Cordy says, "You wanna go, Glinda? We'll go!" and gestures.

A flash downstairs makes Willow double over. Connor suddenly appears with the gang downstairs, but not via magic; apparently, he was just a little late joining the fun. Maybe he was in the bathroom. He asks if Willow can handle this, and Willow stands up with the black eyes of shut up, Willow. Wesley guesses that Willow's up to it as the lights flicker and the ground shakes.

Cary tells a still-moaning Faith that it'll all be okay. He says, "They'll get Angel back, and it'll all be worth it." He doesn't sound convinced. Aw. Suddenly Faith opens her eyes and sits up, gasping. I wish they hadn't done that. It sorta lessens the surprise later, when she does nearly the same thing.

In dream-land, Faith finds herself in a pile of garbage in an alley. She stands up as an unseen Angelus taunts, "'It'll all be worth it.' Is that what you try to tell yourself, Faithy? Is that the nasty little lie that kept those thighs nice and warm in your prison bunk?" Faith asks, "You kiss your mama with that mouth?" which is an inexcusably lame comeback to give Faith just so that Angelus can say, "No, but I ate her with it." Faith turns to find Angelus lying in the rubble behind her. We go to an overhead shot of the alley as he's tilted upright as if by magic, or perhaps a cable. On the one hand, it's a standard bit of vampiric business that I always enjoy, and I guess the overhead shot was to impress us with the fact that we can't see what's pulling him upright, but if you're doing a shot differently just to say "Look! A special effect!" maybe you should reconsider. Anyway, Angelus says he's going to recite a poem, and Faith runs away screaming. Okay, she doesn't, so maybe she does still have a death wish. It's not much of a poem, actually; he just says that she's fading fast. Faith backs away, and says that she hears "this holler in the distance."

Willow chants. You'd think that would put Faith deeper into a coma. Or maybe that's just me.

Faith says that Angelus is going to be re-souled, but Angelus gloats, "I've got friends in high places." There's a clatter behind them, and we see Angel with a shaggy bowl cut scrambling through the trash after a rat. Faith icks, "When is this?" "When isn't it?" Angelus grumps. "Twenty years after that stupid donut shop and his fingers never smelled of anything but rat!" Faith says that Angel's paying for what he did, and Angelus growls, "He's hiding from what he is!" Angelus whirls on Faith and complains that while this may be a revelation for her, he already knows all of this: "So why do I have to go through it again?" Behind him, Angel finishes with the rat and says, "Maybe 'cause it's not about you. Jackass." Faith and Angelus look startled.

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