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Faith-Based Initiative

Faith is unconscious in bed. In his cage, Angelus twitches a little and smiles in his sleep.

After the ads, Cary is tending to a whimpering Faith. He says, "She's in the barrens now. They cry for a while, quiet, mostly. Like they're letting go of everything that meant something." Turns out he's talking to Connor, who asks how long it'll last. Or how long Faith will last. It's all ambiguous and stuff. Cary says it won't be long, and offers to let Connor hold Faith's hand. Aw. Connor stands up, but then Wesley enters because I guess it's his turn to stare at Faith uselessly. Connor declares that Wesley did the right thing. Connor says, "She was brave, and she died in battle." Well, not really. Dying in battle means dying in battle, not being mortally wounded in battle and dying in a hotel a few hours later, y'know? Wesley stares a little more and says, "It's time." For dinner? Or at least snacks? He exits with Connor. Cary either isn't welcome, or he chooses to stay with Faith instead. Cary's so nice. I've mentioned my thing about sick people before, right? Poor Faith. I'm just glad someone's finally being nice to her without an ulterior motive.

Fred walks around the lobby holding a candle and ringing a bell. Willow takes an opportunity to invade Fred's personal space in the guise of correcting her posture. Wesley makes a note to try that one later. Willow tells Gunn about the magic she's doing, and I still don't care, except for the part where she claims that she'll restore the jar's "entropic equilibrium." Are all of Willow's lines written by monkeys? Gunn heads downstairs to keep an eye on Angelus. Wesley approaches and asks if everything's ready. "Should be a snap," Willow says, and is promptly knocked down by a ball of glowiness. The spooky (but not that spooky) voice says, "Stay your hand, witch!"

Upstairs, Cordy tells her marble, "You will not interfere with what must come to pass." She should be more specific in her dire warnings. With Cordelia and Willow's many hairstyles, maybe Cordy should offer some "dyer" warnings. Oh wow, I'm sorry about that; it slipped out.

Willow gets up, clutching her head, and chants some Latin. "You think to banish me?" asks the voice. Willow moans to a baffled Wesley, "There's somebody in my head." I'll let that go, to make up for the "dyer" joke. I'm still sorry, by the way.

Cordy sits with the jar o' soul on her bed and tells her marble that the soul is under her protection. Willow tries more Latin, and there's a kerpow as the marble in Cordy's hand stops glowing. Cordy is jolted back, and then announces, "I bith my thung." Hee.

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