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Faith-Based Initiative

Faith's room. Cary says, "Don't you worry, princess, it'll all be over soon." He says he's seen other go through this, and holds her hand. Aw. I start muttering, "Sing to her, sing to her," because I like it when Cary sings. He starts singing "MacArthur Park." I blame myself.

Cut to...oh, there just aren't words. "MacArthur Park" plays on a jukebox as Angel enters what I thought was a diner, but turns out to be a donut shop. Angel's wearing striped pants, an incompletely buttoned shirt, a gold necklace, and a mid-length leather jacket with gratuitously wide collars. And then there's the hair. There just aren't words, but I think the wispy bangs are my favorite part. Maybe not being able to see your own reflection is a good thing sometimes. Angelus glares from a corner as Angel strides over to the jukebox, and then winces as "Mandy" starts up. Angel doesn't sing along with the song, but he's grooving to it with a wistful expression. So funny. Angelus stomps over to a table where Faith is giggling, "It must kill you [that] he's got a jones for the power ballads." There's a staticky noise, and Angelus swats at the air like a bee flew past him as he says that the concerts were even worse. A couple comes out of the back of the diner, and it takes me a while to figure out why they'd both be back in the bathroom together, but then the guy wipes his nose, and all becomes clear. As the couple passes Angel and exits, Angelus grumbles about the constant hunger for blood. When Faith taunts him, he asks whether she figures her mission is accomplished if she "put[s] the monster back in his cage." He suddenly pops across to her side of the table as he explains, "I'm always here, Faithy. Deep in." They're distracted when a new customer turns out to actually be a new robber, and not a customer at all. He pulls a gun out and tells the guy behind the counter to empty the register. Angel looks befuddled, and Angelus looks smug. The donut guy is so scared that he stammers nervously instead of opening the register, and eventually the gunman shoots him, then runs out. Angel hurries over to the bleeding donut guy and tries to help him. Or if not help, then at least reassure him. Unconvincingly. Over at the table, Angelus snickers, "Doc, I think we're losing him! God, I love this episode!" It's a mystery to me why they didn't put that clip in the commercials. There's more buzzing, and Angelus swats the air some more.

Cut to Cordelia, who is talking to her glowing voice-disguising marble. She orders Angelus to wake up. "Or just lay there and let that redheaded meddler put your soul back. Whichever." If this episode has a moral, it's that frustrated evildoers are funny.

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