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Faith-Based Initiative

Willow approaches as Wesley greets her. Connor approaches her skeptically, and Willow guesses that he's "Angel's handsome yet androgynous son." Connor grumpily mentions his name, and Willow notes, "The sneer's genetic. Who knew?" Wow, Willow's short. Fred introduces herself, and then Willow looks at Wesley and says, "It's the Marlboro Man. Or, at least, his extra stubble-y, mentally unstable, insomniac first cousin, oh, for the love of Hecate, somebody stop me," because it seems to be literally true that she cannot stop running her mouth for a single second. Because she's an idiot. "For the love of Hecate" indeed. Wesley asks if Willow was drawn to the Hyperion by magic forces, and Willow explains that, actually, Fred called and gave her the scoop. Wesley acts like, ah, yes, it's so obvious that Willow was the person to call, nicely skipping over the question of why he didn't think to do that. ["Too bad the Buffy episode in which the phone call occurred didn't air until after this one. Oops!" -- Wing Chun] Fred and Willow burble about research, and I start looking for sharp objects. Willow asks where Cordelia is, and Connor interjects, "The guy you're all trying to magically reensoul shot her with a crossbow. She's not up for visitors." Wesley insists that Cordy would want to see Willow because of their long and loving history of close friendship. The hell? Okay, Cordy called her a couple of times. But I'm not sure even non-evil Cordy would feel too bad if she missed a chance to hang out with good ol' stupid blithering nonsensical Willow.

Cordy's in bed, with the covers pulled up to camouflage her tummy. Presumably Connor came up to tell her to expect a visitor. Connor knocks, and he and Willow enter. Willow and Cordy are perky. Connor is taciturn, and is quickly dismissed. Cordy and Willow share some backstory, and then Cordy asks, "You heard about Faith?" Willow doesn't quite roll her eyes as she says, "Coma again." Heh. They sound so bored by it. Again with the comas! Willow moves on to a discussion of her plan to re-soul Angel. Cordy feigns interest, and reaches under the blanket to grab a knife. So, Connor came up and said, "Some geek you knew in high school is here, and she wants to say hi. Name of Willow." And then Cordy said, "Great! Just let me get into bed, and you can bring her up. Oh, but first could you go get me a big knife? I need to, um, do my nails. Thanks!" Cordy asks about the magic jar o' soul. Willow admits that it's a problem, and blithers that a locator spell didn't help find the jar. Cordy agrees: "Tough nut to crack." For no readily apparent reason, that gives Willow an idea. She asks, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Cordy grips the knife under the blanket and says, "I doubt it." I bet I'm thinking what Cordy's thinking. Willow exclaims that they can break the jar. Cordy suddenly asks Willow to hand her a glass of water from the nightstand, since that would put her conveniently within reach. Willow ignores Cordy and goes on about how they can use magic to break the jar, and then the soul will be free and they can put it back in Angelus. Well, what the hell was the point of putting it in a jar to begin with? Cordy whines, "Good idea -- I'm really thirsty!" But Willow continues to be totally self-absorbed, which is at least consistent. She exclaims that they'll get Angel back, and hurries through the door. As Willow closes the door behind her, the knife lands in it. So close. Damn. Try again, Cordy!

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