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Faith-Based Initiative

Which provides a handy segue to dice rolling in a street, and we're suddenly in the Roaring '20s. Outside a club called "The Blue Mood Lounge," some men are engaging in background color. Angelus and Faith look around, and Angelus guesses that they're in Chicago. He spots Angel sitting at a bus stop across the street. Angel got a haircut, thank heaven, and for some reason he looks like a chartered accountant in his three-piece-suit. Angelus moans that he remembers this, and he has to leave. A car squeals around a corner down the street. "I can't do it again, I won't!" Angelus groans as Faith watches curiously. The car races toward them, and Angel suddenly dashes out in front of the car. Faith shouts a warning, and the car misses Angel. We hear a high-pitched yipping, and Angelus looks furious as Angel turns to reveal that he just saved a puppy from getting run over. And it looks like a Pomeranian puppy, which somehow makes it that much funnier for me. Angelus, enraged, shouts, "No!" Ha! Faith snickers, "Dude, you just rescued a puppy!" A flapper outside the club coos over Angel for saving the dog. Angelus complains, "I'm in hell. This is hell, and I'm in it." If that were really true, he'd be watching the Oscars. While the flapper attempts to flirt with Angel, Angelus tells himself, "We haven't fed on a human in decades. She's begging for it, you moron!" I love how irritated he is. Angel tells the flapper to get lost, and she, offended, does so. With the puppy. Faith expositions for the benefit of slow viewers: "We're reliving Angel's good deeds! You are in hell! Wicked!" She chuckles.

Cut to unconscious Faith, lying in bed as Cary looks at her. Wesley voice-overs that all they can do now is finish what Faith started.

Cut to the lobby, where Wesley is speechifying. Fred guesses that they need to re-soul Angel. Connor says it's impossible: "No jar, no soul. No soul, no Angel." No horse, no wife, no moustache. Fred starts arguing, but Connor tells them, "You're lying to yourselves. You all think that I'm taking this personally so [that] you don't have to." I hope Connor gets to be right someday. I mean, I think he usually is right, but the story keeps proving him wrong. I'd like it if the story backed him up someday. Also, he and Gunn should hang out more. Connor adds that they need to kill Angelus, but then Willow says, "I don't think so." "Wuh?" everyone fails to say, as they turn to the door. Willow declares, "I think you need a witch." Shut up, Willow.

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