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Faith-Based Initiative

"What's gonna happen to her?" Connor asks. He and the others are gathered around whatever bedroom they've dumped Faith into. Fred's still trying to find out what already happened. Wesley chooses to remain silent, so Cary gets the title again as he answers, "Orpheus." Which turns out to be a mystical drug. Cary says, "Humans inject it, vampires feed off the humans. Folks tried to deal it at Caritas -- only folks I ever banned from my club." Connor can't help pointing out that this is yet another item on the list of magic's drawbacks. Cary explains that between the drug and getting bit by Angelus, Faith is in for "some serious psychic psychedelia." Alliteration! Wesley finally opens his mouth to add, "It leads you down to hell." Thanks, that was very informative, Wesley.

Gunn locks up the cage. We pan down to Angelus, on the floor. Wesley finishes his insightful remarks in a voice-over: "And leaves you there." I can see why this drug would be really popular. Originally I thought, "Maybe it shows you the worst things you've ever done, so if you're a demon, you enjoy that, and that's why demons use it." But that doesn't mesh with what's about to happen to Angelus, so I'm afraid I still don't get it.

Boat-vert. Shots of a castle, and the Statue of Liberty, and then we're at Ellis Island. The caption reads, "New York, 1902." Cue the huddled masses. A long-haired Angel wanders through the crowd. Get a job, you damn hippie! Whoops, sorry. Angelus, in leather jacket, steps into the frame. Angel walks toward him, and then through him. Angelus whirls and growls, "Hey, what is that about?" "You tell me, it's your flashback," says Faith, who appears behind Angelus. Angelus immediately rushes to attack her, and dives through her instead. Faith giggles and tells Angelus that insanity is "performing the same task over and over and expecting different results." She adds that she learned that in "murder rehab." Angelus tells her to quit bugging him: "This is my flashback!" Hee. Faith guesses that she's there to enjoy the effects of her "incredibly simple ruse" and that Angelus is in for the This is Your life treatment. She eyes scruffy Angel, and asks Angelus if he missed the invention of the bath. Angelus grumbles, "All the way over here he crouched in the filth of animals just to avoid temptation! This isn't my life, it's his!" He complains that it was bad the first time and snaps, "This sucks! Why do you get to be Marley's ghost?" Faith answers, "Because I'm dying, dumb-ass." Angelus says she isn't doing it fast enough, and Faith guesses that her last job is to babysit "till they shove a soul up your --" Angelus interrupts to say that won't happen. Faith says, "Then I'm...whatever, dust in the wind. A candle in the wind. There'll be a general wind theme." I guess her time in Buffy's body had a permanent effect on her intelligence. How sad. Angelus wonders if Faith's still suicidal, but she says, "I rolled the dice. Paid even odds."

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