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Faith-Based Initiative

Stupid-ass slow-motion shot of Wesley carrying Faith down the hall, escorted by Cary and Fred. Shut up, Wesley. And walk at a normal speed.

We cut back and forth between the basement (where Connor and Gunn are settling Angelus into the cage) and upstairs (where Cary and Fred are tending Faith). Cary spots the needle mark on Faith's arm, and gives Wesley a shocked look. Fred stares at the fang punctures in Faith's neck. As is traditional, Fred proceeds to bathe Faith's wound with a white towel and water in one of those bowls that you only see when someone is bathing someone else's wounds. Which I'm pretty sure you shouldn't do anyway, because the blood's sure not going to clot if you keep pouring water on the wound. And who has white towels? People who don't do their own laundry, I guess. Maybe Fred's just cleaning off the bloodstains, not the wound itself, and I don't want to fault her for tidiness, but that doesn't seem like the most important task. Right, so the montage finally winds down.

In the basement, Connor says, "He fed from her. There's blood on his breath." Oh, not again: what breath? Try "I can smell the blood." See? Same effect, sounds less dumb. Angelus suddenly stirs, and Gunn and Connor jump back. Gunn aims the tranq gun as Angelus mutters, "I'll kill you."

Faith whispers, "Scratch you out." Fred thoughtfully says, "She's not making any sense," like, yeah, oddly enough the doped-up, anemic Slayer who's talking in her sleep isn't quite Descartes's equal at the moment. And even at her best, I'm not sure "making sense" was ever Faith's strong point. Cary pulls Wesley aside to note that Wesley's a crazy psycho. Well, technically he says, "Tell me [that] you did not shoot that girl full of junk and then feed her to Angelus!" Wesley says that Faith knew the risks. Cary snaps, "She couldn't!" and says that he knows what the drug does to people, and so does Wesley. I like the fact that Cary's angrier on Faith's behalf than he ever has been for the things he's endured.

"A coma," Cordelia sniffs, up in her bedroom. Connor is there, too, and has presumably caught her up on all the gossip. Cordy skeptically says, "Like she hasn't pulled that one before." Hey, it's daylight outside! Finally. After some Angelus-related exposition, Connor assures Cordelia that he'll protect her and the baby. Cordy brushes that off with a quick "That's sweet -- is he guarded?" Connor smirks that Faith "did a number on him." Cordy suddenly shoves Connor and shouts, "What the hell is it with you and Faith? As if I didn't see the way you looked at her!" Connor denies whatever it is that he's being accused of, and then asks how Cordelia could hit him when the sanctuary spell is in effect. Cordy's explanation: "I told you, Connor: we're different!" She keeps complaining about Connor's disloyalty, adding, "I thought you were gonna be a better father than Angel was to you." Connor insists that he'd do anything for Cordy. Them's the magic words. Cordy turns back cheerfully and chuckles, "Are my hormones out of whack or what? Hello! Crazy pregnant lady, Aisle Nine!" She laughs at herself, which is refreshing since they don't get a lot to chuckle over on this show. One of things I liked about this episode was that almost everyone got to be amused by something at least once. Although not Connor, of course. Cordy finally suggests that he go check on Faith. She says, "I'm concerned. I want to know --"

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