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Faith-Based Initiative

Willow and Fred emerge from the office, and apparently Fred has given Willow a couple of books that mention the Hellmouth. Hey, are they Fred's books to give away? Fred babbles about translations and we cut over to Faith and Angel, who share the cutest look. I can't stop saying, "Aw." You can read your own meaning into their glance, although I suspect it's something like, "Part of atoning for our sins means not killing either of these girls. Dammit." Fred finishes her babblefest and Willow awkwardly says, "I'm seeing someone." See, she thought Fred was hitting on her! Because Willow's gay! This seems like a good time to mention that in order for there to be homoeroticism, there must be eroticism, period. What just happened here is a Three's Company joke. Faith decides that we've all atoned for all of the sins the human race has committed since the dawn of time, so it's time to get out of Dodge. Willow makes goodbye noises, and Angel says, "Willow..." Faith explains that Angel wants to thank her. Willow says, "I got a Slayer out of the deal, so we're even Steven." She gives Angel a hug, and my prayers that Angel will suddenly lose his soul yet again and kill her go unmet. Willow offers to tell Buffy he said hi, and Angel moves his eyebrows in a "Wha, who, Buffy? Oh, the ex. Right, whatever." He thanks Willow, and she heads out with a final request that next time they want to visit with Angelus, they should call her first. And off she goes, finally.

After Faith and Willow have exited, Angel clears his throat and turns to face the others. "So we're back?" he asks. Wesley says, "It would seem," and this had better not mean that Wesley thinks all is forgiven because he made up for everything else he's done by nearly getting Faith killed, too. Gunn stares at Wesley without answering, which seems like a good sign. Angel says, "I know things have been --" He's interrupted by Cordelia, who says, "Sorry Angel." Everyone turns to look at the staircase, where's she's posing for maximum effect. As she descends the stairs, she says, "If this is the speech about how the worst is behind us, you may want to save it for later." Cordy is wearing the Most Amazing Outfit Ever. And this is Cordelia, so that's saying something. There's straps and off-the-shoulder sleeves and a cut-off top with fringe and a beaded choker and wowee. And it's all black, of course. But if it were more colorful, I'd believe it was something she pulled out of the closet from an earlier season. Oh yeah, and she's showing off her pregnant belly. Angel stares. We fade out before he can shout for Willow to come back and take the soul out again.

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