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Faith-Based Initiative

"I need you to fight," Angel says in the cage. "I'm pretty clear about what you need," Connor says, as he raises a stake. Oh, he did have one after all. Faith grabs Connor's arm and says, "Break me off a switch, son. There's about to be a whuppin'." She and Connor trade punches and she throws him out of the cage. She does a neat swinging kick on the cage door as he runs at her again. Cary and the others rush into the basement from upstairs. Cary stops to declare, "She's alive! It's a miracle!" Connor and Faith keep fighting. Luckily, the MoG have taken the precaution of lining the walls with empty barrels, so that there's stuff to toss Connor into. Maybe they put the barrels there in case Satan came by. Faith gives Connor a spinning kick, knocking him against the cage. Angel suddenly pops up and grabs Connor's shoulders through the bars. He says, "Connor, it's over. It's me. Really." I'd complain that just saying "Really" shouldn't convince them that the spell worked, but with Willow and the orb and all, I suppose they could confirm that he's really resouled this time.

Angel is standing in the courtyard. It's nighttime again. Faith comes outside, and Angel asks how she feels. She says, "Like I did mushrooms and got eaten by a bear." Angel observes that she's headed for Sunnydale now, because she's got to help restore some kind of sense to the inter-show timeline. Good luck with that. Angel says, "We never stop fighting," and Faith says she was going to, "but someone got all pep-talky on me." Angel apologizes for not getting to see her, "[their] little brain-tour not withstanding." Faith says, "Another time," and aw, they seem like they actually enjoy hanging out together. Aw. I like that they're friends. I like that Faith has an actual friend, particularly. Angel says he has a lot to thank Faith for, and Faith says "that vice is plenty versa" but notes that this will lead to hugging if they don't stop. "We can't have that," Angel says, and Faith agrees, so they head back inside.

Connor is admitting to a frowny Gunn that he messed up. As Faith enters, she says, "That just makes you one of us," which is nice of her. She and Gunn trade a last longing look as they imagine what might have been, or maybe it's me who did that. Gunn wishes he could have seen her beat up Connor, and Faith admits, "It was pretty funny." She walks over to Wesley, and Angel watches in the background like he's a little nervous about how this will go. She says, "Wes." Wesley says, "Faith." Beat. Faith says, "See, Brits know how to say goodbye. Angel here wanted a hug." Wesley looks at Angel, who insists, "No, I didn't!" Faith tells Wesley that he "ran a good show," and Gunn interjects, "Yeah, sit back and let the girl do all the heavy liftin'." From his expression, I think Gunn's teasing instead of snarking. I guess. Although Wesley admits that there's some truth to the summary.

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