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Faith-Based Initiative

In the alley, Angelus is knocking Angel around. Angel shouts for Faith to wake up. Faith opens her eyes and mutters, "Rolled the bones. You for me." Angel punches Angelus a little before he gets distracted by the urge to lecture again. He tells Faith that he used to believe that, at some point, he'd have paid his dues. Then Angelus knocks him down and harrumphs, "Anybody notice a battle with your alter ego going on here?"

Connor walks down the hallway in slow damned motion. And he's not holding a stake. Idiot. In voice-over, he asks what he'll tell the rest of the MoG. Cordy says, "They can't stop you if they don't know." Again, not quite answering the question. He asks about the sanctuary spell, but Cordy says she'll take care of it. He looks down into the lobby, where black-eyed Willow is -- can you guess? -- chanting.

Angel slams Angelus into a wall and then hurries over to Faith. He tells her that he thought he could make up for feeding on the donut guy by disappearing. Faith groans, "I did my time." Except for breaking out of prison. I'm just saying. Angel says, "Our time is never up, Faith. We pay for everything." Except for hotels and cars and leather wardrobes. Again, just saying. Faith says it hurts. The injuries or the moralizing? You decide.

Chant, chant, chant. The orb of Theusulah glows.

Connor enters the basement and tells Gunn, "I thought you should know, they haven't finished the spell yet." Then he clobbers Gunn, knocking him out.

"Get. Up," Angel tells Faith. He says that he needs her to fight. Then Angelus conks him on the head with a metal pipe. He tells Angel, "Your soul's already in the ether, boyo. I can smell it." Angel has to twitch his head to get some hair out of his eyes, which entertains me. Maybe that's why it used to be a solid mass of gel -- to keep it out of his face during fights. Angelus offers to send the soul "to that big puppy-rescue in the sky." "Arf arf, psycho," Faith says. Angelus turns to see her standing behind him, and chuckles. He tries to club her with the pipe, but she pops out of existence. "Hey!" Angelus shouts, annoyed. Angel stands up behind him.

Cary is startled as Faith again opens her eyes. This time she immediately hops out of the bed and runs out.

Chant-o-Rama. The orb of Thesulah glows and then disappears. It didn't vanish last time, did it? Maybe this is a cheap knock-off that's only good for one use.

Angelus and Angel are suddenly jolted, and light streams out of their faces, which looks neater than it sounds. They both wail as Angelus is drawn back inside Angel, and the light fades away.

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