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Faith-Based Initiative

At the hotel, Faith jerks around and Cary sees the fresh wound on her face.

Angelus pontificates about the human condition: "They suffer, they die. That's what they're there for!" Who knew he was a Buddhist? Angel hi-yahs as he leaps twenty feet and tackles Angelus. As Angelus picks himself up, Angel says, "I'm not perfect, Faith. Even with a soul, I've done things I've wished a thousand times I could take back." Angelus pummels Angel and suggests, "Like those Manilow concerts! You son of a bitch!" He's really bitter about that. Angel is tossed down the alley again. It'd be funny if Whistler peeked down the alley and said, "Oh, sorry. I'll try again later."

Connor shoves the door open, knocking the dresser out of the way. Cordy rushes in and smashes a vase over Connor's head. She immediately apologizes, but Connor still looks grumpy as she tearfully explains, "I thought it came back! That horrible, floaty head!" I hate to break it to her, but Willow's still downstairs. Connor forgets about the vase and asks if she and the baby are okay. "We nearly got killed!" Cordy sniffles, without answering the question. Connor blames Willow, and see what I mean about how he's got good instincts? Cordy agrees: "If she keeps at it, there's no telling what will happen. She's already let hell itself into this hotel." Hee. If the evil thing doesn't pan out, Cordelia has a great future writing movie trailers. Connor says he'll go make Willow stop. Cordy promptly protests that Willow's too powerful, but says that he can stop "the reason for all of this." She whispers, "You have to kill Angelus."

Back in the lobby, Wesley's making with the stinky herbs while Fred takes exposition duties for anyone unclear on the soul-restoring process. She asks again about Connor, and Wesley guesses that Connor's checking on Cordy. Fred says, "D'ya ever think their relationship is maybe a little bit icky?" Perhaps Wesley is the wrong person to ask.

Cordy repeats, "You have to kill your father. You have to, now, before anything else goes wrong." Connor looks pensive. I'd expect him to be grabbing a stake and running out the door before she finished the sentence.

Fred and Willow chant. This is a chant-heavy episode.

Cordy tutors Connor on cost-benefit analysis. She explains, "As much as I love Angel -- as a friend! -- killing Angelus now is the only way to guarantee our family's safety." She goes on about that while Gunn paces outside Angelus's cage, and Faith keeps on being in a coma.

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