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Faith-Based Initiative

As the Hyperion shakes, the lights flicker, and a wind blows around Willow, Wesley wins the "Dumbest Line of the Episode" award as he asks, "Do you feel that?" Apparently Connor knows which particular odd sensation Wesley is asking about, because he says, "There's something evil rising in the hotel." There's a distant bellow.

Upstairs, Cordy has milky eyes as she changes. I think she's actually wearing contacts this time, instead of having the whiteness added in post. I wonder why.

Bits of the ceiling crumble in the basement. Gunn looks tense.

In the lobby, a big ghostly demon head materializes and roars at the gang. Pretty! Willow orders everyone to ignore it. Willow finally sends her marble off to its target. About time. The demon head fades away.

Cordelia, her eyes restored, sniffs, "Okay, then." She starts to try something else, but Willow's marble suddenly whizzes toward the jar o' soul. Cordy blocks it by holding her hand up before it hits the jar. She grumbles that Willow is on her last nerve, and I root for Cordelia as she tries to move the marble away. She gasps, "If only this were a few weeks later."

Fred looks around the lobby and wonders where Connor went.

Connor is dashing up to Cordy's room. He tries to open her door, asking if she's okay. Cordy is startled, and turns toward the door, which is blocked by a dresser. While she's distracted, the marble hits the jar, shattering it, and the soul fades away. Cordy turns back to the bed and says, "Oh, sh --"

Cut to Angelus, who says, "I don't believe this!" He asks Angel, "You're the one behind this whole True Hollywood sob story?" Faith greets Angel by saying, "It's good to see you. Hate the hair." Angel wonders why Faith is "still here." Faith says she's just waiting to see Angelus lose. Angelus responds by kicking her in the chest, knocking her down. Angelus says, "I had a feeling the rules had changed." Angel and Angelus face each other, and they both say, "I've been waiting a long time for this." Angel throws a punch, but Angelus blocks it and then socks Angel in the jaw. Angel swats at Angelus's arm, which is pretty silly-looking. Fade out as the punches continue. They actually did pretty well at getting two Boreanazes in one shot, but the punches do look odd.

When we return, Angelus has been knocked down. Angel asks Faith if she's listening, and she replies, "I'm dying." That doesn't really answer his question, though. He says, "It's a lot easier than redemption, huh?" Angelus comes at him again, tosses him down the alley, and kicks Faith again for good measure. A new cut is opened on her cheek.

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