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Origin-al Sin

Props to 2MuchTV and CoolHandFluke.

We open with Wesley, up in Fred's old office, staring down at the lab, where Illyria is standing. Angel enters the office and eyes Illyria. Wesley explains, "She's either counting oxygen molecules, or analyzing the petri dish she just put into her mouth." What, she can't be doing both? I wait for Angel to suggest that Wesley should keep Illyria in a nice kennel or something during the day. Instead, Angel just says, "You don't have to do this all yourself." Wesley sniffs, "Who else is there? We're running out of people." Ouch. Wesley says that they haven't found a way to rescue Gunn. Hey, I've got an idea: take Lindsey back to the hell dimension. From what we've seen, his special info wasn't really worth more than a day's vacation. Angel insists that they'll get Gunn back, but repeats that Wesley can't deal with Illyria by himself. He adds that they need to determine what her powers are. Wesley ominously notes that "testing her might be hard without getting someone seriously hurt." Angel suggests that they put Spicule on the case. Wesley nods, "Good." Heh. Illyria goes on staring around. Wesley leans toward the window creepily and says, "She needs someone to guide her. She needs..." Angel interrupts, "When was the last time you slept?" Wesley's bleary gaze pretty much answers that question. Angel snaps, "I need you here, working. Not off drinking yourself into a coma, chasing ghosts. Fred's dead, Wes. You're still alive. Start acting like it." Exit Angel. Jeez, he was kind of a jerk there. But I suppose that the sensitive approach doesn't really get Wesley's attention.

Cut to Wesley, at his desk, interviewing new clients. A middle-aged couple, who will eventually be introduced as the Reillys, are explaining that their son was hit by a van in front of their home. Wesley says that the cops don't think it was an accident, and asks if they've traced the van, but then the couple explains that their son is fine: "Barely has a scratch on him!" Oh, I know this one! Because Lex saw the whole thing, and freaked out about it, right? The police said the kid was just lucky, but one cop called them later, said that the kid might be "different," and suggested contacting Wolfram & Hart. Before they've even finished their story, Wesley picks up the phone and asks Harmony to send Angel over. You know, for a second I wondered where Illyria is while Wesley is working, and now I can't quite escape the unpleasant idea that she might be under the desk. Mrs. Reilly explains that the kid is downstairs; they said they were arranging a trust for him. Trust. Get it? She asks if Wesley will help, and he reassuringly says, "Of course."

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