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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Previously on Angel: Angelus and Darla killed Holtz's family a long, long time ago; time-twisting demon Sahjhan brought Holtz to modern Los Angeles to kill Angel, but Holtz decided to change tactics when he discovered Angel had a son; Holtz recruited Justine to his mysterious cause and ordered her to recruit others who had lost loved ones to vampires; Angel sent Cordelia away with a wad of cash and the Groosalugg so that they could have a good time together -- or at least a very, very, very bad time (wink, wink. Also, Cordelia? You might want to steer clear of West Hollywood with Groo. Just a suggestion.); Wesley translated a prophecy that read, "The father will kill the son," and for some reason thought this applied to Angel and baby Connor.

The sun rises on the Hyperion. Wesley has fallen asleep at his desk on top of a pile of papers. I'm sure his drool is going to make those dead languages so much easier to translate. Fred and Gunn wander in; Gunn sees Wesley and comments, "You've got to admire his loyalty." Wow, they didn't waste any time with the anvils, did they? Gunn blathers on that Wesley's been spending all his time studying, and concludes that Wesley needs a life. Yeah, who cares about some silly prophecies? They're always talking about the world ending, but has it? Fred reminds Gunn (and the rest of us) that Wesley was researching information about Connor. Didn't they watch the previouslies? We already heard. Put down the anvils and pay attention, guys.

Fred reaches out to the desk to see if Wesley has uncovered anything interesting. Her actions awaken Wesley, and he brusquely orders Fred not to touch anything. He claims that the papers are in a particular order, and he doesn't want to be lost. Or any more lost than he normally is. He blinks owlishly as he gets his bearings, sporting a day's worth of stubble. Perhaps he'll go into the bathroom to clean up and discover "JOHN G. RAPED AND MURDERED YOUR WIFE" tattooed onto his chest. He has that look about him at the moment. Wesley asks them what time it is, which is Angel's cue to come by in full dork mode, holding Connor and telling Wesley it's time to "wakey-wakey." Anvils and baby talk. I don't like where this is going so far. Wesley gathers his papers and mutters that he had planned to go home. They blather some more. Gunn asks Wesley whether he's found any answers in his books. Angel oddly responds that "[Wesley] already knows the answers. He's just looking for the questions." Wesley doesn't notice the oddness of Angel's statement, and asks after Cordelia. Angel interrupts Wesley to ask him if he wants to see a new trick he taught Connor. Angel slips into his game face and says, earnestly, "I'm teaching him how to die!" as he bares his fangs, leans toward the baby, and takes a big bite. And it looks like they used the actual baby up until the point where Angel actually starts eating him, so I hope the poor thing doesn't grow up scarred for life. The baby actor, I mean, because I can only hope Connor doesn't live long enough to have scars. Wesley looks on in shock as Fred and Gunn smile at Angel in satisfaction. No doubt those two are intended to represent us during this scene. Wesley looks down to see blood welling up from the pages of the book his hands are resting on. He looks up at a smiling Fred and Gunn. Gunn says in super-deep slow motion, "Running out of time. Running out of time." Because the party to celebrate Connor's not-timely-enough demise is going to start any minute. He looks back over to Angel, who pulls his head up to show Wesley the blood dripping from his fangs. Wesley pulls his hands away from the books to look at the blood on them. Hmmm...the blood on his hands. Is that some sort of metaphor?

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