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The very largest of props to Ace, for filling in on recaplet duty, and also to Johanna, who saved the day when a stupid basketball game pre-empted the local broadcast of Angel.

Previously on Angel, Gwen was pretty, a big rock candy Satan popped up, Cordy tried to give Connor something real, Wesley dumped Lilah, the Little Girl Who Lived Up The Elevator Shaft was enigmatic, and I wondered if anyone got that reference. Anyone? Jodie Foster? Martin Sheen? Hello? Oh yeah, and Angel was pissy. He'll be spending most of this episode that way, though, so if you missed it, you can catch up now.

Angel's up in his room, sketching a picture of Satan. I wonder if he's going to make "Wanted" posters and show them to witnesses. "No, I don't remember seeing any suspicious cloven-hoofed horned monsters." "He looked like this..." "Oh, now I remember him! Yeah, he asked if I could break a twenty." Cary enters, bearing a piping-hot glass of blood for Angel. Cary eyes the picture and says, "Good likeness. You wouldn't mind if I ran screaming from the room, would you?" Angel replies, "Shut the door on your way out." Cary does an Angel imitation, growling, "Don't interrupt me, I'm brooding!" Angel says he isn't. He is wearing a long-sleeved gray t-shirt, though. It's so weird when he doesn't wear a button-down shirt. They bicker a little, and Cary uses the C-word. Sigh. Angel says that he can't defeat Satan, plus "it's killed hundreds of people that [he] couldn't save, and it keeps showing up around [his] kid." Cary notes that Connor is "not entirely unmaking with the moves on the girl who might have been." I wonder if it's harder to write that way or to say lines like that. Angel stands up and threateningly says, "You want to shove that into English for me?" Cary says he knows about Connor and Cordelia, although it's unclear whether he knows exactly what happened between them. For his own sake, I hope he doesn't. Angel tells Cary to leave. On his way out, Cary says, "You may not find perfect happiness with Cordelia, but Angel-food, you gotta remember -- there's other fish in the sea." Does he want Angel to be perfectly happy? I'm gonna choose to believe that Cary's just being his lawfully neutral self, and doesn't really care if Angel's evil or good as long as he's happy. Which is kind of sweet, I guess.

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