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Papa, Don't Preach -- Just Lie There And Bleed

Props to Goalie31 and CleaPet.

The show begins with another spooky warehouse. It's lit in orangey sunset-glow, to distinguish it from last week's spooky warehouse, as well as from the Wolfram & Hart lobby, because I think that's what it is. As the steadycam creeps through the building, there's the echo of a voice speaking. This appears to be the first of several audio problems my local WB affiliate is having. The camera finally arrives at a little table, around which Wesley and some goons are gathered. Sound finally returns just as the head goon, Elim, tells Wesley, "There's no Better Business Bureau for what we do." Hey, my mom works for the BBB. Shout-out? Eh, guess not. Elim goes on for quite a while, and what he's saying doesn't make much sense until later, when we find out that he's buying something from Wesley. Wesley interrupts the speechifying to say, "If I'd known this was going to be a seminar, I'd have worn my name tag." Elim says he just wants to make it clear where they stand, and Wesley quips, "You're standing on the brink of my patience." What? So Elim is about to enter Wesley's patience? What? Eventually, we near some kind of point, as Elim explains that he wants to inspect the merchandise. Wesley gestures, and Fred walks out of the darkness carrying a case. Elim coos over Fred, although she does look nice since her hair is pulled back and she's dressed in grown-up clothes. Fred opens the case and begins assembling a sniper rifle as she goes over its specs. Wesley adds that they have two hundred units ready now, and will assemble the rest once they've been paid. Elim asks how Angel feels about supplying nefarious characters with big guns. Wesley explains that guns are almost never effective on this show, plus Angel's more concerned about people who have a lot of pointy wooden objects. Well, actually he says that the guns have to be used outside Los Angeles: "We choose our battles." He goes on to insist on meeting Elim's distributor, because he doesn't want to go through middlemen. Elim takes offense, and I have to support him here, because if he makes his living selling weapons, why would he want to cut himself out of the deal? Then Elim gives in, and I grow increasingly confused about the whole transaction as he writes down a phone number for Wesley to call. Elim tells Fred, "To think I used to sell this guy collapsable swords...." He's interrupted by the sound of a jingling chain.

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