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Something Borrowed

Dance music is whoop-whooping, and Cary and Harmony are having a fine old time. Wesley is sort of twitching and spinning Fred around. Oh! Oh! Someone dancing behind Wesley just did The Swim! I love that! Oh, that makes me happy. Sebassis watches the party and scratches his wine cooler behind the ear. Hee. A conga line formed by the formerly-crabby suits and some demons passes by. Sebassis tells a minion to go find Artode. As the minion walks away, he bumps into Fred. Fred spins and tell him to watch where' he's going. The minion ignores her and walks away, and Fred triumphantly yells, "That's right, keep walking! You walk alone!" while pointing at him dramatically. Hee. Wesley pulls her back by wrapping one arm around her, um, chest, and Fred keeps waving her finger around, poking Wesley in the face a bit. Hee again, Wesley slurs, "Careful, that thing's loaded," and Fred replies, "So am I." She confesses to being "drunk-faced," and Wesley says, "That's because you can't hold your -- what are you drinking?" Fred says she hasn't had anything, and asks Wesley how much he's had to drink. Wesley holds up the bottle he's been carrying around, and says, "About a third of a half of this beer." Wesley and Fred agree that this seems weird, and then Fred spots Gunn and decides that they should get a third opinion.

Gunn is standing near a sculpture, facing the wall, when Wesley takes him by the shoulder. As Gunn turns, his pose makes it pretty clear what's happening, but just in case, Wesley looks down and says, "Charles, you just peed on my shoes." Gunn looks down and says, "I'll be damned. That's weird," as he zips up. Spicule suddenly joins them in order to announce that the party is great. Fred suspects that this is more weirdness, and watches as Spicule demonstrates a severe case of air-guitar-face and declares the throbbing dance music "the greatest song ever written." Wesley figures that there's a spell affecting them. Gunn asks Spicule how long he's been so enthused, and Spicule remembers that Cary told him to think positively. Wesley snaps his fingers, nearly falling over in the process, at the mention of Cary. Right on cue, Cary himself dances up. The rest of the MoG stare at him until he says, "What?"

Gunn, Spicule, Cary, Wesley, and Fred march into Angel's office. Cary protests his innocence while Fred calls for Angel in a remarkably grating tone. Angel pops up from behind the couch, naked, and asks, "What?" A moment later, Eve's head appears next to him, and Spicule gasps, "Angel's gettin' some! Good on you, mate!" While Eve and Angel struggle to put some clothes on, Wesley explains how they're all doing whatever Cary told them to do. Angel, confused, asks Gunn if Cary told him to piss everywhere. Gunn says, "Lord, I hope so." Cary denies having anything to do with it. The urine question is finally resolved when Gunn remembers that Cary told him to stake out his territory. "Territorial marking!" Wesley agrees. While everyone else is chattering, Angel and Eve start smooching again.

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