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Something Borrowed

While Artode whispers something to Sebassis, Fred and Wesley walk past, arm-in-arm. Drunk. They're all slurry and bumping into people and stuff. As Fred excitedly tugs Wesley toward the food, Harmony warns them, "Watch yourself, guys -- somebody peed all over there."

Cary heads upstairs, greeting a few guests along the way, and orders a Sea Breeze at the bar. Nearby, Gunn is finishing up a conversation with a possible client, which appears to have gone well. Gunn spots Cary and says that the party's going well, before admiring Cary's energy. Cary says, "I'll let you in on a little secret: I had my sleep removed." He explains that he had Wolfram & Hart do this procedure to free up more of his time, and that he hasn't slept for the past month. Gunn, shocked, asks, "You had Wolfram & Hart remove your sleep?" Cary nods. Gunn yelps, "That's great!" Cary encourages Gunn to look into it, and Gunn says he will. With that, Cary takes his drink and heads off.

Downstairs, Artode thinks that Angel is getting some kind of trap ready. Sebassis expositions that they used a spell to sneak their weapons into the building, and says that at the first sign of trouble, Artode should "kill them all." Artode smiles at that, and then excuses himself. We pan over to the carafiend, who is examining some of the grass and flowers used as decorations. He rubs his fingers over them, sniffs, and announces, "Peepee!"

Eve strolls over to congratulate Angel on his schmoozing skills. Angel retorts, "It was an act!...I think." Then, for no readily apparent reason, Angel basically says that Eve is dressed trampily, and I'm starting to wonder if she reminds him of Buffy, too. Cary strolls over and intervenes by saying, "You two, really. The sexual tension -- with a knife you could cut it!" He passes between them and tells Angel, "Get a room," as he leaves. Angel and Eve stare after Cary.

And then Angel and Eve enter Angel's office, barely shutting the door before they're all over each other. As Angel pulls Eve's dress off, he observes that this seems sudden. He asks, "Do you even have a last name?" Eve asks, "Do you?" The part I can't really recreate here is that they're both talking while still kissing each other, so it's all very muffled. I guess I should be horrified, but mostly I'm just grateful that there's something happening besides people talking.

Cut to the bathroom, which is empty except for Artode. That seems unlikely. Big party plus open bar equals crowded bathrooms. Anyway, Artode is in a stall. He's also still wearing the green jacket, which I thought was three-quarters length, so...ew. The door rattles, and he says, "Excuse me." Then the entire stall shakes, and Artode looks around and offers, "Occupado." Then the door is ripped off the stall (making Angel a prime suspect) and Artode screams as he's yanked off-camera. A second later, goo splatters the walls.

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