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Something Borrowed

Angel's sitting at his desk when Cary enters and insists that the guests want to meet him. Wow, that's a nice desk. It's huge. Has that always been his desk? I didn't notice it had an angled thing going on. Angel explains to Cary, "Look...I have things." I didn't really catch it originally, but on review his delivery there amuses me. He's clearly trying to think of a lie, but he can't, so he just says he has "things." Hee. Angel insists that he's busy, while Cary looks around pointedly at the lack of any open work on the desk. Angel finally claims, "I'm brooding." Cary turns and sees a television behind him, and then spins back to Angel, gasping, "Oh, you're watching hockey!?" Angel retorts, "Yeah, but my team is losing!" Cary loses it, saying that he can't do this by himself, and then clutches his forehead. Angel stands up, seeing that Cary is unusually distressed, but then Cary perks up and just says, "Let's boogie, Sweet-Tart."

Cary leads Angel out through the lobby, pointing out various demons. They walk past the camera, leaving us to watch Harmony twirling on the now-crowded dance floor. I like the giant-faced monster dancing with a woman in a business suit behind Harmony. Harmony spots Spicule staring at the crowd, and goes over to him. She asks him to dance, but he insists, "I'll go to hell before these ghost shoes touch that dance floor." Spicule bitches and moans for a while, and then Harmony shows a moment of intelligence when she asks, "What are you even doing here, then?" Even more intelligently, she turns and leaves without waiting for an answer. Spicule moves on, repeating, "What am I doing here?" He promptly runs into Angel, who has the same question in mind. Spicule says he could ask Angel the same question, but I know why Angel's there. I don't know why Spicule is. Cary proudly says, "[Angel has] already not-killed, like, a hundred guests!" Spicule says it isn't necessary to kill anyone, since "the party's already dead." Cary calmly asks if it would kill Spicule to be more positive. Any sentence that includes "kill" and "Spicule" tends to make me feel positive. Then they all turn as Sebassis enters with a number of minions and his carafiend. Everyone nearby begins groveling. Cary sends Angel over to Sebassis, begging him to be nice.

Sebassis tells the many people bending to kiss his ring, "Sycophants. Worms. Don't writhe all at once." I like him. Angel walks over and begins heartily shaking Sebassis's hand, thanking him for coming to the party. Meanwhile, Cary greets the chief minion, Artode, and admires his green jacket. Artode explains that it's Pylean. Cary unenthuses, "Oh, made in Pylea." Artode clarifies, for the three people who didn't see it coming, "Not made in. Made from." He adds that he skinned it himself, and asks if it's anyone Cary knows. Cary fake-laughs and says "Thanks for dropping by" through clenched teeth before beating a hasty retreat. Angel is still shaking Sebassis's hand, and gibbering, "I don't have to tell you how awesome you look. You know how awesome you look!" Cary detaches Sebassis from Angel, who's really getting into the glad-handing, and leads him away.

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