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Once Angel and Cary are gone, a minion tells Sebassis that he thinks the party is a trap. Sebassis says, "Maybe, Artode, but I am in the mood for intrigue." He adds that they'll have to dress for the party, and then waves his hand, causing a wall full of weapons to be revealed.

Commercials. Incidentally, I've decided that any generic Wolfram & Hart employee will be called a "suit." (Unless they're wearing masks, which makes them ninja.) I figured that it had the advantage of being existing slang, plus it's the simplest equivalent to something like "red shirts" for Enterprise. I decided I should explain since, with this show, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that maybe someone is talking to a giant animated suit.

The party is in full swing as "Don't Leave Me This Way" plays and Harmony discos all by her lonesome. A suit (see?) tells his friend, "This is lame." Well, yeah. Because nobody is wearing a costume! What the hell? I could accept the demons not wearing costumes, but the people should be all decked out! Oh, maybe the people don't wear costumes because, when there are actual demons around, it's sort of rude to dress up as one. But they could wear other kinds of costumes! Grumble. I wanted costumes. Anyway, the suit goes on about how it's not a real party without a ritual sacrifice. Cary strolls over and encourages the two suits to mingle, mostly by growling, "Mingle! Mingle, mingle, mingle!" They take the hint.

A demon bops over toward Cary. This guy's wearing a costume, so I like him. In fact, he's dressed as a human: argyle sweater, Dockers, and a human face that's stretched taut over his own head and hooked over his horns. Heh. The demon chuckles and shows off his impression of a person by grunting, "I proud my honor roll student!" Cary laughs along with the demon, albeit less sincerely.

Wesley and Fred are lurking by the snack table. Wesley pulls at a beer while Fred marvels at Cary's social skills.

Cary nervously asks, "So, that mask -- it is rubber, right?" The demon replies, "My other car a Lamborghini," and chuckles some more. Cary even more nervously tells the demon to "be good," and quickly sidles away.

Fred tells Wesley that she never knows how to behave at parties. Until she finds her way to the attic, where all the stoners are hanging out. She doesn't say that part, but it seems like a safe bet. Cary joins Wesley and Fred and asks for help, pointing out that Harmony is the only one on the dance floor. He turns and calls, "You keep pushing the envelope, baby!" at her. She preens and continues bopping around. Wesley tells Cary that this isn't their kind of scene. Cary insists, "You're the young, the beautiful, the ready-to....Oh, here's one problem: You're totally sober!" He tells them that it's a party and that they should be trashed by now, and asks them to "get into the spirit of things" before marching off.

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