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Something Borrowed

Cut to Angel and Cary riding in a limo. Cary is fixing a drink while explaining that they're on their way to visit Archduke Sebassis, "bona fide nobility from the fiery down under." He says that if they convince Sebassis to come to the party, everyone else will fall in line. Angel quietly observes, "This really matters to you, doesn't it?" Cary starts to agree that it's a big deal for the company, but Angel repeats, "This really matters to you. Personally." Aw. Angel is a nice friend. Dumb as a post, but he means well. Cary awkwardly explains that he's part of Angel's team, but he doesn't have anything special to offer for their usual battles, and I shout, "That's okay, neither does Wesley," and so this is his way of helping. Then they arrive at Sebassis's, and Cary tells Angel that he'll do the talking: "You just kind of smile and try not to rip anybody apart, 'kay?"

"So, this is the mighty Angel," Sebassis says. Sebassis is a bald demon with pointy ears and antelope horns. He's seated on a throne with a couple of minions standing nearby, while Cary and Angel have taken seats facing him, which seems a little weird, because if you're in a room with someone who merits a throne, I think Miss Manners would say that you should just remain standing. But maybe Sebassis has a casual style. That's cool of him. Sebassis describes Angel as "a restless frog, making lots of waves in your little swamp." Something about calling Angel a "restless frog" entertains me. It sounds like that might be his Indian name. Angel makes some tense quips, and Sebassis finally observes, "Your contempt is fragrant." Then he chugs a blue drink and holds his glass to one side. A skinny little fiend steps forward, wearing a slave collar and looking pale. The slave pulls a cork out of its wrist, and sprays some blue fluid out of the hole into the glass. Oh, he's not a slave; he's a carafiend. The squeak-pop of the cork coming out is definitely the funniest part. Also the grossest. It's both. Ew. Cary mentions how disappointed they were that Sebassis declined the party invitation. Then he slaps Angel's arm, prompting Angel to agree, "A party just isn't a party without the Archduke!" Sebassis offers Angel some blue blood, and when Angel declines, sighs, "That's right -- you choose to drink the blood of swine. Filthy beasts." Angel starts to defend the pigs' reputation, but Cary quickly sides with Sebassis and drinks his own glass of blue blood. He tells the slave, "You taste great." The slave stares at him without emotion. Sebassis finally agrees to attend the party, and Cary happily hops to his feet and leads Angel out.

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