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In Angel's office, everyone but Cary is silently waiting. Including Spicule. Why? Was he invited? Is he just stalking Fred now? Because she's got enough of that already. Spicule starts whining that Halloween is no time for demons to be afoot. Oh, he's there to complain about everything he can think of. Again. Shut up, Spicule. Cary enters, chatting on the phone in Italian. Spicule immediately heads for the door, and then Cary step back and forth, trying to dodge each other, before Spicule finally exits because his purpose in the scene has been accomplished. What purpose, you ask? Well, yes, exactly.

Cary hangs up and asks what he missed. Angel sniffs, "Us. Waiting." Cary apologizes, and then tells Angel that they all wanted to tell him how important this party is. Gunn takes Cary's side, and says that the party will show the demonic types that "the new regime is here to stay," and that if the party isn't a success, they'll lose face. Cary chimes in, "Believe me, Milk Dud, speaking as the head of your PR department, we need all the face we can get." He's head of the PR department? Oh. I thought he...and does a law firm, how does, never mind. It's not worth it. Angel repeats, "'Milk Dud'?" and Cary quickly says, "Said with affection!" Heh. Angel reminds Cary that their guests will be evil, and that they might have grudges with the MoG, or with each other. Cary in turn points out that he has some experience with these kinds of mixers, adding that it's not necessary to sign your posts on TWoP, because your login name appears to the left of your message. Eve spews some nonsense about "ethical tightropes," and then mentions employee morale as Harmony enters with a fresh mug o' blood for Angel. Harmony hands the mug over saying, "Here's your blood, bossy. Boss." There's a definite cow theme here. You know why? Because cows are funny. Eve says that the party is important for morale, because Halloween is like Christmas for their employees. Harmony agrees that company morale is in the toilet: "They're all worried that you're gonna axe them, or, y'know, axe them." Which is no different from the way things worked when evil people ran the place, so I'm not sure why that's a big deal. Cary says it's Angel's fault that people are declining the party invitation. Angel asks, "They think I'm throwing this thing so I can slaughter them?" Beat. I kind of expected that Angel would go on to say, "Hey, that's not a bad idea..." but no, he just gives in and tells Cary that he won't get in the way of the party. Cary's not satisfied with that; he wants Angel to actively help make the party a success. Angel asks what he's supposed to do.

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