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Something Borrowed

Angel realizes his mistake, and then looks around at the swarm of festive decorations in the lobby and asks what's going on. Cary arrives to explain that they are getting ready for the company's Halloween party, and that Angel should know all about it. Eve says that their meeting was supposed to be about the party. Cary pulls Angel aside and explains that none of the A-list guests are coming. Angel's fine with that. He explains that he's not keen on entertaining a bunch of evil-doers, and as he chatters, Cary starts rubbing his head, and tense music alerts us that Something Is Up. Cary finally interrupts to snap, "Can't you just feel up the big picture, Mr. Magoo?" He says it's not about good and evil, it's just a party, and then shouts, "I'm about to have a stroke here, 'cause you're killin' me!" Cary quickly calms down and claims that Angel's in a bad mood. Cary tucks a giant decorative flower into Angel's folded arms and suggests that they talk about it later. Angel, somewhat confused, says that's fine. Cary marches off and says they'll meet in Angel's office in twenty-five minutes.

In the lab, Fred's going with a frizzier hairstyle this week. She asks Wesley if Angel's angry about the dud grenade. Knox enters in order to exposition that the grenade is a "hand-held spell-casting robot," which means that I will lose my mind if they don't knock it off with the technobabble and the pseudo-sci-fi and if I wanted to watch Jake 2.0 I would, okay? The beauty of doing a fantasy show is that you don't have to explain how stuff works. So don't. Just stop it. Anyway, Wesley thinks that the trigger didn't work, and Fred and Knox both get huffy about this slight on their work. Wesley snits back at them, and Cary enters full of the holiday spirit. Wesley tells Knox that the spell was definitely correct, because he checked it. He says, "I got that knowing feeling you get when you know something." I'm not going to use this opportunity to pick on Wesley, only because I'd rather point out what a fun line that is. It's right up there with "Stand there in your wrongness and be wrong!"

Cary asks them to "put away [their] sci-fi toys for a little bit," and I add "or the rest of the season." He tries getting them excited about the party, but Fred admits that she didn't plan to attend. Cary asks Wesley if he hears this "crazy talk," and Wesley says he was going to skip it, too. Knox says that they should go, because it's a great party. He overshares, "Last year they took a bunch of cows and put them in a giant effigy of Krishna, doused it with Sambuca, and...anyway, it's a hell of a good time." Well, that's pretty darn sacrilegious. Nice job! I mean, no offense or anything. I'm just admiring the craftsmanship. Speaking of things I don't really need a lot of email about: I know Lilah said that Satan killed everyone at Wolfram & Hart and that if that's true, Knox and the other employees shouldn't remember last year's party. I honestly don't care at all, so see the poll at right. Where were we? Fred says she'd rather skip the party to work on the grenade. Wesley quickly offers to stay as well, and creepily whispers, "I'm sure we can work it out together." I feel so sorry for the actors sometimes. Sometimes I feel sorry for the writers, too. But most of all, I feel sorry for me. Cary shouts "No!" repeatedly and says they both need to have fun, then asks if someone else could fix the grenade. Knox finally says he'll do it, and tries to placate Wesley by saying, "It's probably the trigger mechanism anyway." A satisfied Cary says he'll see them in Angel's office in fifteen minutes. Wesley's shirt looks as if it's quilted. I don't understand that.

Gunn, on the other hand, is looking fine in a maroon shirt and gold tie. Cary enters his office and quickly explains that they have to get Angel excited about the party, and then gives Gunn a pep talk. Cary says, "I want you to stake out your territory, and I want you to keep it staked." Gunn, completely confused, says he'll get to that, but that he's busy at the moment. Cary accepts that, and as he exits, tells Gunn to be in Angel's office in ten minutes.

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