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Something Borrowed

And walks back out into the hall, on the phone, singing the chorus, as we go into the credits. Seriously, what the hell?

I almost think they should have kept doing "Don't Leave Me This Way" during the credits, because going from that to the Angel theme is...well, almost as jarring as the mirror bit was. Johanna says, "I don't think Cary should have layers." I agree, and say that it's really okay for Cary just to be fun. We don't need to delve into him. In fact, the last time they delved into Cary, we wound up in Pylea. And they added Fred. So let's just not. Here's another thing: given that they haven't found anything useful for Spicule to do, it seems like it would have been more efficient to have Cary talking to Spicule instead of to the mirror. Because that was pretty odd, and not in the good way. Spicule could do the "Hey, you seem tired" observations without really caring about the response, so if Cary brushed him off, it would still establish that something's wrong with Cary without changing anything later. Plus, maybe if Spicule had something to do that actually advanced the story in the teaser, they wouldn't need to insert him into later scenes for no reason.

In his dreadful apartment, Angel steps out of the shower and hears Eve say hi. Angel stares at her. Eve explains, "The door was open. Well, unlocked. Well, I had a key." Angel walks over to her, and holds out his hand. He's holding, but not wearing, a towel. Aieee. I know Eve's evil and everything, but that seems uncalled for. She hands over the key, which he tosses over onto a nightstand. As he finally ties the towel around his waist, Eve makes some single entendres about Angel's time in the shower. Angel keeps glaring at her, and asks what she wants, at which point she reminds him that they had a meeting scheduled that morning. Angel immediately looks guiltily flustered and quickly goes to get dressed. Why does he care? Are they going to fire him if he doesn't do a good job?

As Eve and Angel ride the elevator downstairs, Eve asks him how it's going. Angel isn't sure, and reminds her that the show FAQ explains terms like "MoG." Eve points out that Angel can still kill monsters in his off hours. When is he supposed to sleep? Maybe he naps during Fred and Wesley's scenes. Eve accuses Angel of bottling stuff up. Angel snaps that he doesn't "bottle." Eve says she does. The debate commences. I suddenly realize that Eve reminds me a lot of Buffy. Except Eve is slightly more sympathetic. Angel and Eve go on arguing about bottling until I start getting thirsty, and then the elevator doors open, revealing a giant skull. Angel automatically reacts by punching it, thus decking the guy carrying the giant Halloween decoration.

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