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Something Borrowed

Wesley tells Angel what just happened as he pulls a blanket over Cary, who's sacked out on the couch in Angel's office. Okay, listen, Mutant Enemy. Last season, some of the storylines were pretty bewildering (frankly, some of them still are), so taking a breather at the end to clarify anything that was confusing was understandable. Here? Not quite so necessary. While Angel and Wesley exposition, Eve finishes a call on Angel's phone and then appears to tuck something into her cleavage before getting up. All righty. Oh, and Spicule is sitting on the desk, staring out the window. Can somebody get him a hobby? Angel spots Eve headed for the door and chases after her. He quietly asks her if they should talk. "About what?" Eve whispers back. Angel says, "About what happened...y'know back there...with us." Eve calmly explains that this isn't the first time she's had sex "under a mystical influence." She adds, "I went to UC Santa Cruz." She smiles and turns for the door, and then there's an ambiguous shot of her walking out where she's gone all stone-faced. Wesley joins Angel and asks, "How you doin'?" Angel doesn't know. Then Wesley is distracted by the sight of Fred and Knox having a jolly chat over some drinks and mopes away. Stop it!

Gunn enters the office to announce that he smoothed things over with Sebassis, explaining, "Seems like they enjoy a little bloodsport at their social functions." Angel frets, "We've been so focused on the dangers outside that we didn't see the ones within. This place is trying to change us." Gunn opines that it was a good party, though, and gets ready to go to wherever he lives now. He catches himself and warns Angel to avoid sitting in his chair. Angel asks why as he leans over to look at the chair. Spicule suddenly reveals why he's been there all this time by saying, "You pissed in the big man's chair? That's fantastic!" Gunn asks Spicule to turn off the "warm fuzzy." Spicule says it's not Cary's influence: "I just think that's bloody fabulous!" Angel gets parental and tells everyone to leave so that Cary can sleep. Gunn and Spicule head out, and Cary mumbles in his sleep. Cary says, "It's hard being the host of the party." I thought he was going to say "It's hard -- this armrest I'm resting my head on. Can I have a pillow?" Poor Cary, that looks so uncomfortable. Angel tucks Cary in a little more, but doesn't give him a pillow, jerk. He does tell Cary, "Stop trying to be. Just become dull and pointless like the rest of us. Give in!"

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