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Something Borrowed

Commercials. Johanna and I are aghast. And we don't understand why they had to make Cary's subconscious an actual physical being. Because, as I said, it looks ridiculous, but there was really no way for it to not look ridiculous. Maybe that was the idea -- maybe they thought it would add to the...well, "hilarity" is overstating things, but the titters, at least. But no. Bad. Very bad.

When we return, Fred and Wesley are waiting for the elevator. And waiting. And waiting. Wesley urges the elevator to hurry up. Finally, Fred asks if Wesley pushed the button, and he "oh"s, and leans over exaggeratedly to call the elevator. Wesley's expression as he resumes waiting makes me laugh. He says, "Come on, come on," again. See, this little scene I was okay with. I just couldn't stand the scene in the lab when they were hammering home the same point they've already made a thousand times about Wesley and Fred, and how they have a love that can never be because nobody cares.

Super-Cary advances toward his prey, and Angel urges Sebassis to run away. Which he does. Despite having all those nifty weapons. Seems like he should have at least tried one of them out. Super-Cary swats Angel across the room and turns to follow Sebassis. Gunn smashes a vase on Super-Cary's back. God, the giant suit is so unbearably stupid. Does anyone mind if I skim? Thanks. So: they fight. Finally, Wesley and Fred arrive in the elevator. Facing the wrong way. Wesley turns and sees the lobby behind them, and then points and hurries out, saying, "It's here, it's manifested!" He also does a little hand-wave to urge Fred on, which cracks me up. Fred follows holding a gunlike thing. Gunn tells her to shoot, and Fred aims the gun, then turns so she's pointing it at Cary's head. Blammo. Cary collapses. Harmony gasps, but Cary mumbles, "I'm okay, I'm just gonna rest my eyes a little bit..." Super-Cary is about to whale on Angel some more, but suddenly dissolves into a rather pretty cloud of blue confetti. Oh, I liked that. But it still wasn't worth the giant padded suit.

The next morning, the party rubble is being cleaned up. The two suits from way back are on their way out, and one says, "I think this was better than last year." Knox arrives and sweet Jesus, I care about whether he and Fred date exactly as much as I care about whether Wesley and Fred date. Stop it! I refuse to keep recapping these same scenes over and over! The point is, Knox asks Fred out for coffee, and she says she'd rather have a drink. It's like a joke without the funny part. Oh, hang on. I take it back. This is totally different, because Gunn would always take Fred out for food. Whereas Knox wants to have a beverage with her. So the entire concept is shiny and new. I don't know what I was thinking.

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