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Something Borrowed

Sebassis and his minions burst into Angel's office dramatically and wave their weapons around. Spicule marvels, "What a fantastic entrance!" Heh. Eve and Angel peer over the couch's back again, and Eve is still wearing Angel's jacket. Huh. Angel stands up and starts pulling his pants on while Sebassis accuses him of killing Artode. Angel finishes getting dressed as he says this is a mistake, and then a woman screams off-camera. A woman who sounds like Fred. But isn't. Although I'll bet it was Amy Acker.

Angel, Eve, and Cary, flanked by Sebassis's guards, go out into the lobby to investigate. Spicule trails along, of course. They find the human-costumed demon is neatly laid out on the appetizer table, dead. Sebassis's aims a weapon at Angel, who insists that he had nothing to do with this. I'd have liked it if Angel was still under the "suck up to Sebassis" instruction as well, just to complicate things. Cary calmly says, "The party's taken an unfortunate turn momentarily, but let's not fight." Another weapon is aimed at him.

Fred is still looking at the cabinets while Wesley looks up the effects of sleep-deprivation on empath demons. Fred pulls out one container and notes, "They don't just do sleep here! Madeline Chu in Accounting -- she had her ennui removed!" Then she finds the container holding Cary's sleep and starts looking for the "delivery device." Wesley continues his research and declares that instead of reading people's destinies, now Cary is creating them. He turns to the book and reads, "If you sever the empath demon from his subconscious for too long, that subconscious can -- it can manifest."

Back in the lobby, Cary tries to soothe Sebassis by explaining that this is all his fault. He says, "I haven't been myself lately. Somehow, I'm making people do things, and I'm controlling them." Sebassis points a weapon at Cary and asks, "Well then, Pylean, you're making me kill you. Is that consistent with your theory?" And then...oh. Do I really have to talk about this? Fine, so then there's a growl, and the crowd turns to see an Incredible Hulk version of Cary perched on the railing above them. He leaps down, shaking the floor. It's just so bad. It's a big guy in Cary-esque makeup, wearing a heavily padded version of the same clothes Cary has on, which is part of the problem because they went beyond "muscular" to "grotesque," and even if they hadn't overdone the muscles, I think I would still find this deeply embarrassing to watch. The duplicate has bigger horns too, which does amuse me slightly, but mostly it's just a terrible, terrible idea.

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