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Something Borrowed

Cary keeps on protesting his innocence until Gunn mentions that Wolfram & Hart removed Cary's sleep. Angel asks, "Why'd you let them do that to you?" while Eve tries to pull Angel back to their spot behind the couch. Cary starts to explain how he's been so busy and everything. Meanwhile, Fred and Wesley are helping each other stay upright, Gunn is pacing toward the back of the room, and Spicule appears to be fascinated by some objects on Angel's desk. Oh, and Eve is kissing Angels shoulder. I'm spending time describing a lot of this because it's been a while since they've had a scene where everyone there had something to do besides enable exposition, so while it's not a flawless comedic scene, for a few shining moments there was some energy to their interaction. And that was nice. Cary's still talking when Wesley notices that Gunn is relieving himself in a corner by the elevator. Wesley hurries over to stop Gunn as Cary concludes, "I just couldn't keep up with it, even without sleeping." Angel says that Cary should have asked them for help, and then detaches Eve's arm from his neck and stands up. And then quickly grabs a sofa cushion to cover his shame. Eve tries to look serious while Angel gives orders. Fred and Wesley are sent off to find Cary's sleep and restore it. Angel asks Cary to "stay tight and try not to, y'know, talk." Cary points out that someone has to keep an eye on the party, and Spicule immediately raises his hand and calls, "Me! Me! I'm your people person!" Spicule frowns when Angel chooses Gunn instead. Angel orders Gunn to check for anyone else affected by Cary, and to please stop pissing everywhere. Gunn sighs, "I'll do my best," and exits. Angel turns to Eve and tells her, "You stay here with me, we'll have more sex." Eve nods sharply and says, "I'm on it," and they drop down behind the couch again. Spicule aims a thumbs-up in their direction and says, "Excellent!"

Sebassis, the carafiend, and a minion stare at the disassembled Artode in the bathroom.

Wesley and Fred bust into the "Psyche Component Storage Facility" looking for a way to bring the story to another crashing halt before it accidentally builds up some momentum. Oh, and they also want to find Cary's sleep. They start staring at the racks of containers lining what look like refrigerator cabinets. Fred gibbers drunkenly and says that she and Wesley should hang out and be better friends. Wesley agrees, and then Fred throws her arms around Wesley's neck, and see, Wesley likes Fred in that special way, but Fred doesn't like Wesley that way. Their being drunk doesn't make it more interesting. So this just goes on and on and Fred of course winds up asking Wesley, "What do you think of Knox?" so as to rip Wesley's heart out yet again. And you thought that I ran jokes into the ground.

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