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Something Borrowed

Happy birthday to Johanna. Manuella, say hi to David for me.

The show opens with shiny disco Cary telepedeconferencing, insisting that "it'll be fabulous." His flunky -- who has a certain Corwinosity that may lead to his becoming my favorite character -- is holding another phone at the ready. Cary finishes the first call, grabs the other phone, and says that the person he just spoke to is "intrigued, but wants to know who's playing Tom Joad." After a moment, Cary reluctantly points out that Henry Fonda is dead, but offers to talk to the science department about that. As he reaches the lobby, he finishes the call, pauses to coo over Harmony, and then asks where Angel is. Harmony reports that Angel's on the way back from a mission, and that he sounds grumpy. How can you distinguish grumpy Angel from any other kind of Angel? Can you actually hear him smashing doors in the background when he calls? Cary is sure that he can perk Angel up, but then Angel squelches in, looking singed as well as slimed. Wesley pops over to ask Angel how the "neural-intercept grenade" worked. Angel says it didn't, and hands the dud back to Wesley. Wesley says he'll have Fred look at it. As Wesley heads away, Cary calls to him, "Have Fred pencil me in for later -- I've gotta talk to her about Henry Fonda's big comeback!" Then Cary chases after Angel, who is covered with goo. Ew, I think he was attacked by his own hair-care products. Oh, cruel fate! Cary wants to talk about a party, but Angel grumbles, "I'm exhausted. I'm covered head-to-toe in Thraxis blood -- which actually kinda burns -- so this is all gonna have to wait until after I take a shower." Cary gasps that Angel killed a Thraxis. Angel slams his office doors shut. Cary turns to his assistant and asks him to take the Thraxis off the guest list. I'm not sure whether he's uninviting the dead Thraxis because...well, Angel killed it, or if he's uninviting a different Thraxis because it might be mad at Angel. Or I guess maybe he's being respectful because it'll be in mourning.

As Cary heads for his own office, he reviews some of his flunky's work, and reads, "'Wolfram & Hart wants to be up your alley'? Sounds like a bus-station pick-up line!" He tells the flunky to clear out as he reaches his office. The door is covered with Post-Its and "While You Were Out" messages. Cary dismisses the assistant and enters the office, shutting off the disco soundtrack that has been playing all the while.

Cary's office, in addition to slightly more interesting generic furniture, contains a makeup chair and dressing-room mirror. Heh. Cary sits at the mirror and rests his head on his hand, exhausted. His mirror image turns to him and starts yapping. Er. Okay. Cary moans and rubs his head while his reflection observes, "That's an adult-sized bangaroo." I think that maybe, given what happens later, there's supposed to be a mark of some kind on Cary's head. I can't see anything unusual, though. Although it's hard to tell given that he's, y'know, green. Or maybe he's using the term "bangaroo" metaphorically. This teaser really confuses me on many levels. Like, is Cary's reflection actually talking to him, because that's a special demon thing that he can do? Or is it an odd thing that is happening because of this week's plot? If so, why isn't Cary more surprised by it? Or is it just a storytelling device and we shouldn't take it literally? Anyway, Cary's reflection tries to perk him up, and says that he needs to get back to work. The reflection insists, "They're gonna eat you up with a spoon because you're sooooo scrumptious!" At which point Cary freaks out and smashes the mirror. With a sigh, he stands up, and then the reflection starts singing "Don't Leave Me This Way." Cary heads for the door.

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