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Necromancing The Stone

Props to Carney and Kalbear.

Previously on Angel, very little happened.

We open with title cards that read: "Sunnydale, California. The Hellmouth. 19 days earlier." And then this is happening again. Are they trying to make Angel seem better by comparison? Because it's working. So, here we go again. Buffy runs up and boggles. I start laughing. She just looks so bewildered, like she's about to say, "Your soul is leaking out everywhere and making a mess. Is it supposed to do that?" Hand-holding, dramatic music, and Buffy runs off. Some light hits Marsters's head at a strange angle, making his nose look absolutely enormous. And then he burns up.

Cut to the Wolfram & Hart offices. We pick up right where we left off last week with...well, who is he this time? I'm sure it isn't Spike, and I heard that Brad left a while back, so I guess this is someone new. Johanna suggested "Spicule." She named Brad, too. But does she get hate mail? Noooo. Spicule gasps and pants while the MoG spend a while telling each other who Spicule is. Wesley says, "He's a vampire. One of the worst recorded, second only to --" "Me," Angel grunts. Spicule spins around and sees Angel behind him. Even though all of the MoG, including Angel, were standing in front of Spicule at the end of last week's episode. Not that it matters. Angel says that Spicule is dead, and Harmony sniffs, "Who here isn't?" Spicule vamps out and leaps at Angel, but passes right through him and lands in the middle of the desk. Angel proceeds to examine his chest like he's thinking, "I'm incorporeal! When did that happen?" Hee. Spicule looks down at the desk he's in the midst of, devamps, then sadly sighs, "Bugger."

Credits. I call Johanna and we talk about how inexplicably funny the clip from Buffy was. She says, "I just thought, 'Oh, there's his soul all shining out.'" It's worth stating again that at least a month before the Buffy finale aired, Johanna totally predicted that his beautiful glowing soul would spill out and save the day and that Sunnydale would be sucked into another dimension, kind of like in that one "Treehouse of Horror," and the only hint I'd given her was that the ending would be the stupidest thing she could imagine. Then I talk about how Spicule should have a metal "S" on his forehead, and then I have to explain about Red Dwarf, because Johanna isn't nearly as geeky as I am, and then she giggles for a while about the name "Rimmer," and then the show starts up again.

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