I've Got You Under My Skin

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I've Got You Under My Skin

You know that scene in Pitch Black when a lone figure in the dark lights a match, and the flames reveal that he's actually surrounded by horrible alien monsters? That would probably be a pretty cool and effective scene... if we didn't all know it was going to happen because we'd seen it in the freaking commercials! My advice is, stay home and rent Aliens.

Wesley triumphantly announces that he's found more glow-stick juice. "Clearly, it came up the elevator shaft," he says. What has everyone got against using the stairs? Angel says the demon is long gone by now. Cordy is ready to declare this adventure over, but Angel is says it will just possess someone else now. Wesley wonders if the demon will try to re-enter Ryan, but Angel doubts it. "It had to expel a lot of energy to escape like this." Well, no, he doesn't quite say that. He doesn't say "ex-scape," either, at least; it's more like "eggscape." But still wrong. It's ESCAPE, people. I don't understand; it's not hard to pronounce. Say it with me: "Ess-cape." Where is the problem here? Sigh. I wish Giles was there; he'd have stood up for the King's English. Anyway, Angel says that the demon will need to recharge. "You're thinking [that] the demon has taken on corporeal form," Wesley says. Angel says that if they can find the demon while it still has a physical body, they can kill it. "He'll be looking for a hostile environment," though presumably not hostile to itself, "somewhere damp, probably returning to primordial volcanic basalt for his regeneration." He can pronounce primordial, but not escape? Okay, I'll let it go. Wesley concludes that the demon will be hiding out in the sea caves, so he and Wesley head out.

Armed with flashlights, Angel and Wesley go spelunking. Angel finds some more glow-juice. Wesley stops to assure Angel, "What that demon said before..." Angel says, "I know you're not planning to kill me, Wesley. But you're willing to. And that's good." It's very kind of Angel not to mention that even if Wesley were plotting against him, it's not like he's a serious threat or anything. Soon enough, they find the demon, who greets them by saying, "You are a fool." Wesley calls the demon a "putrescent bully" for picking on an innocent child. The demon declares, "I corrupted the spirits of men before they had speech to name me. The child was but the last among tens of thousands. One more pure heart to corrupt, one more soul to suck dry." Wesley says that the demon failed: "You didn't get that boy's soul." The demon chuckles and asks, "What soul?" Back at home, Stephanie and Ryan are getting mugs of cocoa. Ryan observes, "She has nine marshmallows and I only have seven." Mom is less than sympathetic. The demon asks, "Do you know what the most frightening thing in the world is? Nothing." Not much of a riddle, if you ask me. "That's what I found in the boy. No conscience, no fear, no humanity, just a black void. I couldn't control him. I couldn't get out. I never even manifested until you brought me out. I just sat there and watched as he destroyed everything around him. Not for a belief in evil; not for any reason at all." Paige and Seth hug while Ryan glares at his little sister. "That boys' mind was the blackest hell I've ever known," the demon concludes. Angel points his battle axe at the demon and says, "The marbles -- that was you." The demon nods, and explains, "When he slept, I could whisper in him. I tried to get him to end his life, even if it meant ending mine." Angel asks if the demon made Ryan walk in front of the car. "I had given up hope," the demon says, "I know you bring death. I do not fear it. The only thing I've ever feared is in that house." Wesley says that they should hurry to the house. Angel raises his axe for an overhead swing.

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